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Kid-friendly but chow-worthy in Narragansett RI?

We'll be visiting Narragansett, staying in Jamestown in July.
Anyone know of a place where we could bring two little girls without killing the atmosphere AND enjoy the food?

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  1. Aunt Carrie's is a big seafood place that's boisterous, reasonable and good. Long lines to eat in, so get there early. There are a couple restaurants right on the water, next to Salty Brine beach, they're not as good as they used to be but just fine (names escape me). They are all very informal and family-geared.

    1. I agree with the Aunt Carrie's recommendation. You might also try out Crazy Burger on Boon Street,

      1. Iggy's has much better chow than Aunt Carries, way to greasy for me. They have a few picnic tables outside as well as some seating inside. Go to Iggy's=)

        1. Crazy Burger is EXCELLENT!

          I'm not a fan of Aunt Carrie's.

          1. The ones next to the beach are George's and Champlins. George's has NEVER been good - it's downright awful. Champlin's used to be good but I recently had really bad chowder from there.

            1. Crazy Burger is the best! It's great for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
              Champlin's is ok, would never go back to George's.

              1. Posts for CrazyBurger are solid. George's was actually good in the late '80s, but not so much since then. I think Champlin's is still great, but I don't think I would recommend it for your family; the wait can be painful, especially for kids.

                My advice? If you're dining early, try Caterina's Italian Village on Boston Road. It's close to Jamestown, the food is shockingly good, and if you're early, the crowds won't be bad and the service (not its strong suit) should be more than adequate.

                If you wind up getting up early and are looking for breakfast, try the Whale's Tail. The original location is on Boston Road, and the latest is in Pier Village. Get one of the eggs-benedict specials for you, pancakes for the kids.

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                  JP, maybe they had a brief time of being good in the 80s but I don't remember it. I started going there in the early 70s when my oldest sister got a job waitressing there.....even my 8 yr old self was disgusted by the place. I've gone back sporadically over the years....either been w/friends who wanted to go, or wanted to give it another shot....always disappointed.

                  I drove down Route 1A this wkend (Boston Neck Rd) and noticed Caterina's....new since the last time I've been around. Glad to hear the food's good - for such a touristy area, there really isn't a ton to choose from in the area.

                2. There are a handful of decent places in Jamestown:


                  I like the Slice of Heaven bakery a lot. I thought that they were open for dinners some days, but maybe they've stopped that. You should check it out.

                  I'd also point out that being in Jamestown you are a whole lot closer to Newport than Narragansett, so you might consider asking for suggestions there instead.

                  1. Oh Jamestown, I wasn't paying enough attention.

                    What about Tricia's Tropi-Grille? I've never been, but always thought it looked like fun.

                    1. In Newport, Red Parrot and Brick Alley Pub both have decent food (decent, not great) and are kid-friendly. One of the best views in Newport is Pineapples at the Hyatt on Goat Island. Not a lot of choices (burgers, fish sandwiches, salads) but it sits on a point of land (just past the outdoor pool) overlooking Newport Bridge.

                      Cafe Zelda has good food and is laid-back enough to bring kids, especially if you brought them early.

                      Salas' on Thames is a perennial Newport favorite for seafood that as a life-long RI'er I'm ashamed to admit I've never been to.