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Jul 4, 2006 01:33 AM

eats around athens and between athens and asheville

i'll be visiting athens from san francisco for a few days. there may even be a road trip from athens to asheville involved.

i'm seeking some seriously delicious eats in athens, asheville, and on the road between the two. i'm talking soul food and no-bullshit southern cooking. i had meals at the dillard house a few years back that blew my mind.

got any recommendations?

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  1. If you looking for southern/soul/meat-and-three, try Wilson's in downtown Athens.

    1. Also, Weaver D's, Peaches, Mom's Home Cooking.

      1. If youe are going to be in Athens and looking for the real thing in southern cooking go to Weaver D's. D's is the real thing and an institution in town. "Automatic for the people"

        1. Harry Bissett's

          Get the oyster sampler and the filet au poivre or the uptown stuffed filet. Yes, I realize filets are over-rated but these two versions are delicious. Bissett's is about the only must-visit restaurant on my list when I fly back home to Athens a few times a year (from Boston).

          Lots of raves for Five and Ten but I've only been there for cocktails so far.

          I think Weaver D's is over-rated but still good.

          I'd like to try this Jot 'Em Down I keep hearing about for barbecue when I go home next time. Mike and Ed's, which I heard closed, served passable chopped pork but Athens was kind of lacking in the 'cue department.

          The steak "cubano" at ... I forgot the name, someone can help me I guess. It's located in Five Points near the newish liquor store/by the laundromat, used to be out on Tallahassee? Anyway, not the most authentic cubano but it's one hell of a steak sandwich.

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          1. re: Dax

            I meant Normaltown, not Five Points

            1. re: Dax

              Jot 'Em Down is really good bbq. Tender, and they give you a wide range of sauces: ketchup, vinegar or mustard based. And sometimes they smoke things other than pork - I know I've seen 'em do quail.

              And Dax, I think you're thinking of Cali n Tito's on Lumpkin?

              1. re: AmyWatts

                Jot 'Em Down is very good. I'm a Carolina boy, and I know good pulled pork when I see it. They're not the best of the best, but they are very good. Great atmosphere, too.

                1. re: AmyWatts

                  Yeah, but back in 7/06 I was thinking of the incarnation that was in Normaltown, which apparently moved to Lumpkin (and is now called Cali n Titio's).

                  Anyone been to the new taqueria on Tallassee Rd yet? That location started as a Huddle House, then went to Normal Cafe (or something like that?) and might have even been something else in between.

                  1. re: Dax

                    Not bad. Limited menu, friendly people. I just had a torta asada which was finely minced beef nicely spiced with fresh (not canned) jalopenos some avocado lettuce and tomato. Not bad not great. Need to try more to get a real feel but over all about as one would expect for a mom and pop type place. Speaking Spanish is helpful but not essential

                    1. re: gashrink

                      I went by yesterday after I posted. Apparently it's owned by the same owner of La Jalisco. I had two tacos, one al pastor and one carnitas (mmmm pork) with the usual cilantro, onions and lime, plus some salsa verde (which was thick). Good, but not amazing. I agree that the people are incredibly friendly. Also liked the (I assume) homemade tamarind juice. Finally, make sure you ask for the homemade picante which had a mild kick. It's a different experience from La Jalisco, more cleaned up I guess.

              2. Get your fill of "southern" in Athens and do Salsa's in Asheville. It's Carribbean from a Puerto Rican chef via NY, who is an artist. In Asheville, the Southern stuff is so often aimed at tourists.