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Jul 4, 2006 01:00 AM

Interesting Food from LA to SF

[Note: this was moved from the SF Board by the Chowhound Team]

On the way up from LA, it's a schtick, but a great one: go to Andersen's Pea Soup. Get the pea soup. It's somewhere on I-5 between the giant slaughterhouse and Tracy.

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  1. On the way up from LA if you go Highway 1 / 101 - definitely stop in Watsonville. Here's a link to a Chowdown:

    Love this place!

    1. Anderson's (started by a crew member of The Memphis Belle) valley location is in Santa Nella, at the intersection of Highways 33 and 5, north of Kettleman City.

      Just north of Santa Nella by 10 minutes on 5 is Gustine where you'll find something a bit more chowish:

      That's if you are going up 5, not 101.

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        Just to clarify, TJ, Santa Nella is just a few miles north of the I-5/Hwy 152 intersection (where it's joined by Hwy 33), which is quite a bit north of Kettleman City (hour & a half?). Another option here might be a 7 mi. detour east on 152 into Los Banos, there's Wool Growers (Basque), Olinda's (Peruvian), and others that have been posted about.

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          Yes please, anything's a "bit more chowish" than Anderson's.


        2. If taking the 101, the coffee shop at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo is pretty cool.
          The food is decent, though not remarkable. The weird storybook decor, though, makes it worth the stop. I didn't have time to check out the hotel's rooms themselves, but I hear they're pretty wild.

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            Madonna Inn Bakery makes a mean banana cream pie. Whole bananas, not slices, on the bottom of the cream! Copper Kettle Cafe is open most of the day and serves average food in a kitchy atmosphere. Poor servers (girls only of course) have to wear dirndles. Hand-hammered copper top on the counter. The rooms are not so wild as wierd.