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Jul 4, 2006 12:33 AM

Great Udon in Austin?

Recently I tried Fujiyama near the Arboretum in Austin and wasn't feeling so great so went with the udon soup. I was floored- amazing! The broth was light and smokey while the shrimp tempora was free of oil.

I'm now obsessed with finding the next great udon soup in Austin. I will absolutly go back to Fujiyama, but does anyone know of another gem with super udon?

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  1. Hi. Tried Fujiyama on your recc--Udon was really good! Thanks!

    1. Went there again and I'm going to bump this up. For 8.95 I got a nice bowl of udon and 4 tempura shrimp and a piece of broccoli. Added a California roll for like 4 bucks and I was eating great. They had a sign that drinks were half price and some items marked down for happy hour (5-6:30) to 99 cents.