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Jul 3, 2006 11:14 PM

What would you do?

In my search for a specific bottle of wine, I e-mailed a photo of the bottle's label to a local wine store. They told me they had it.

I went there, looked around, didn't see it. The clerk told me that the label for the wine changes every year, and pointed me toward the bottle he claimed was the brachetto I wanted. It looked really different.

I understand a new label, but the color of the bottle, the style of the artist who designed the label, everything was off. Even the name seemed off to me, but I had forgotten to write it down and it was close enough that I wasn't sure. So I asked specifically if the wine was a brachetto. He said yes, and described it as fizzy, strawberry scented, and best served chilled. I got it.

Now I've opened the bottle and discovered a light still red wine. No bubbles, no scent of berries, nothing like brachetto.

I bought this several weeks ago and have no receipt or any way of proving the clerk said what he did to me. I'm just really pissed off that he either didn't know what he was talking about or blatantly lied to me (first about having the wine I wanted in stock, then in describing the wine). It was a cheap bottle, but what would you do?

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  1. I guess I'm into avoidance behavior because I'd probably chock it up and never patronize that store again.

    Do you want to educate the clerk? Inform the owner of your suspicions? Mostly, do you want/need to shop at this store again? If so, by all means call and speak with the owner or manager. Maybe you can clear the air and not have any more hard feelings.

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      I've decided to call the store. I guess I was wondering how often people find themselves wanting to return wine to the store, and how often a store honors that request.

      EDIT: The store was very gracious and offered to replace the bottle. He offered a few thoughts as to what might have happened, but said that no matter what the cause he was sorry it happened. Very professionally handled, and probably just an overzealous clerk.

      FINAL EDIT: The store figured out what happened. Another person had e-mailed the store with a photo of the wine that I ended up going home with. The owner had told the clerks that someone looking for the wine with the duck on it had e-mailed and would be stopping by. The clerks, when I said I had e-mailed about a brachetto d' acqui, naturally thought that I wanted the wine with the duck on it. How many people e-mail a store with a photo of the desired wine, after all. Apparently more than one. We had a good chuckle, I bought some wine, and he comped me some wine. No hard feelings, and I am looking forward to some lovely brachetto tonight.