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Best Cake in the Sunshine State. Weigh-in Floridians!

sunsuze Jul 3, 2006 09:54 PM

I am a cakehound. After recently seeing Gayle King on Oprah talking about the best cake in the USA and Ice Box in Miami getting some props - I wanted to hear from fellow hounds who live in the Sunshine State. Up here in Tallahassee we have the Cake Shop. Linda Richards makes some cakes that are so flavorful and moist that after a couple of bites you might get an urge to go home and slap your grandmother! The Cake Nazi, as I affectionately referred to her, makes an apple cake that makes me weak in the knees. Her praline coffee cake is so light and moist and tasty that some folks eat them in darken closets so they don’t have to share. Not to forget her divine giant cupcakes with a surprise filling in the middle - I've seen knife fights break out over one of those! All joking aside - I'd love to hear who you think is the best!

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  1. Mild Bill RE: sunsuze Jul 4, 2006 01:38 AM

    I'm crazy man... I don't care!
    I'm in Tampa and I'll get in my truck right now and drive on up there!
    I got ta fill my cheeks with some a that perfect cake!

    Actually, I'm on freakin' Atkins, and your post both tortures me and makes me realize that I too, am a cakehound...

    When it's great, what can be better?

    Two around here come to mind...
    An Italian restaurant in Tampa called Maggiano's sells/makes what I think is an ultimate chocolate cake...
    Tall, moist, rich, & chocolattty with a beautiful frosting that stands as a dessert on its own...

    Kojak's House of Ribs on Gandy Boulevard makes a moist, sugarry (in a good way), carmelized around the edges, cinnanonny, textured, Apple cake that's served warm with 'nilla ice cream...
    It's a secret, magic, recipe...

    Uhy... I'm having a lil' difficulty here...

    After this reunion I have coming up in August, it's going to be 'Cake-Fest 2006'...

    Everybody, keep your hands and feet away from my mouth!

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      Tandoori Girl RE: sunsuze Jul 15, 2006 12:15 AM

      That IceBox cake is really incredible. I was down in SoBe a month ago and stumbled onto the place. All their food is awsome.

      There is a place in South Tampa, a grocery called Castellano and Pizzo -- they sell what they call Carol's Pies and Cakes. Excellent. Carol is the best. Go, Mild Bill. You will not be disappointed. And while you're there have one of Tampa's best Cuban sandwiches.

      1. a
        AlyKen RE: sunsuze Jul 17, 2006 04:07 PM

        Charlie's Bakery on Curry Ford Rd in Orlando makes some of the best cakes and cookies I've ever had. We used to get my mom's birthday cake from there every year. It's been at that location for at least 20 years.

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