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Jul 3, 2006 09:33 PM

Has anyone tried Wasabi?

Has anyone tried the restaurant Wasabi, located on 17th Street NW, between I and K Streets? I just got an email about it and it looks interesting. Apparently it has one of those conveyor belts that your food goes around on. According to the website, they have both traditional sushi as well as dishes like peruvian ceviche and beef carpaccio.

While my husband loves sushi, I'm not such a fan. This restaurant seems like it would be perfect for us with the wide variety of offerings.

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  1. It's not officially going to open until Wednesday. Right now they are in half-price try-outs. It sounds like more gimmick than anything else. But gimmick can be ok for a fun lunch.

    1. It is terrible. Avoid the place and try Cafe Asia or just about any sushi restaurant in DC, as Wasabi is probably the worst one in all of NW.

      1. It's been awhile since this thread had any posts, but just wanted to say I tried Wasabi for the first time today and was favorably impressed. The conveyor belt, while not totally original, is certainly a novelty and the color-coded (for price) dishes + sauces made the place stand out from the typical expense-account palaces & sandwich joints that otherwise dominate the area. Wasabi does great things with chicken: Bite-size fried chicken chunks for one; chicken antecuchos (favorably remarked on by Sietsema) was another. It's a sushi place but the owner is from Peru, so there's some culinary cross-pollination going on. My only pet peeve: $43 tab for 2 and I didn't feel full when I walked out of there. Then again, considering usual portion overload & still unshed holiday heft, maybe that's a good thing.

        1. I have only had their take out sushi and was really disappointed I get the lunch special from Cafe Asia to go now normally for lunch.

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            Forgot to mention I went here to meet some friends one night (they picked I couldn't avoid it) and after waiting forever for drink refills, clean silverware when I joined the table, and picking our own food up off the conveyor belt, our waitress got mad when we didn't leave a 20% tip right in front of us and asked us why we didn't leave more we tried to explain and she just got mad and walked off.

            So after a couple rounds of mediocre to go sushi, and this for not great food I will really try to avoid this place. But now that I work in Fairfax I could use even some mediocre sushi, will have to search.

          2. This may be very late but I just got back from Wasabi and thought I'd post. I got takeout- california roll and seared tuna roll. Very unimpressed. It wasn't awful but i'd rather go to Cafe Asia around the corner as well.