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Jul 3, 2006 09:10 PM

Buckhead, Atlanta

I am going to be in Buckhead one night. Any suggestions for a casual dinner?

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  1. Hummm - Bones is not casual but it's in Buckhead and a really great steakhouse. I love Buckhead Diner but it's been years since I've dined there. Try to be a little more specific - what are you looking for? There are tons of taco places there now.

    1. I just want a good meal at a decent price. Don't want to spend a lot. This is just a stop on our way to North Carolina. How about a good burger? Or good salads? Or some good fish? But I do not want a high end meal since I can get that anytime. Thanks!

      1. If you want something different try Fado's in Buckhead it's an Irish Pub and the food is really good. Or Italian you can try Maggiano's I love their food, there are so many places in Buckhead that are good it's hard to pick out one or the other.

        1. You might want to consider OK Cafe on West Paces Ferry at Northside Drive, which is parallel to I-75 just west of Buckhead. Very good diner food - but they are crowded at prime dining times.