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Jul 3, 2006 08:28 PM

Lunch in Hartford/Takehome on Route Two

I will begin working in Hartford soon and am asking for good lunch spots. My office is over by Charter Oak Street(?)- I think Arch Street Taven is the closest restaurant. Looking for good take out and delivery as well as sit in - I like to dine alone with a paper for lunch.

Also I will be commuting between Hartford and Waterford - anywhere along Rte 2/11 that I could jump off and grab some interesting take home food? Don't mind going a little bit out of my way for something good!

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  1. If you like hot dogs, try Rosco's on Franklin Ave for lunch. I also hear Woody's on Pratt Street is excellent.
    I would also mention that Vaughn's public house (also on Pratt) has some awesome curry french fries and a good menu.

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      Thanks for the suggestions - Roscoe's is about 6 mins away so hot dog here I come!

    2. Off of Exit 17 on RTE 2 in Colchester you will find a classic hamburger drive-in called Harry's. Definitely worth a stop on the drive home every now and then.