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Jul 3, 2006 08:28 PM

Sunset Restaurant, Moonshadows, Duke's, Paradise Cove Beach Cafe?

Which would you choose for lunch on July 4th before going to the beach?

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  1. I'd pick Sunset IF it's open for lunch tomorrow. It's open for lunch/brunch on weekends but not usually on weekdays but they may have a special daytime opening tomorrow. Sunset is directly across from Westward Beach so you'll only need to park once. Paradise Cove will be a zoo so if you decide on that, go early.

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      Thanks for that, they said they'd be open at 2. Any recommendations on what to get?

    2. The restaurants will all be crowded for lunch tomorrow, check first and if you don't want a 2 hour wait you can try Malibu Kitchen on Cross Creek who have some of the best sandwiches in LA and an outdoor eating area.