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Jul 3, 2006 08:20 PM

Breakfast in North Beach

Within walking distance of Washington Square. I love denver omelettes and skirt steak skillets.


ps. Bonus points for places that serve breakfast all day

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  1. Mama's on Washington Square, go early or wait in line! Breakfast all day. Breakfast a specialty. Go hungry. Groove on the jazz. Bask in the sunlight from the cheery windows. NW corner Stockton & Filbert.

    1. Don't know about those particulars, but here's a thread with some other breakfast/brunch ideas in the nabe.

      P.S. My brother's favorite place to get a skirt steak for 24-hour breakfast is Peter's in Millbrae if you can't find anything closer . . . more info by searching.

      1. It is not like we are ignoring you, but North Beach is more of a Coffee and pastry type of place than a breakfast place. Mama's remains the place.

        I haven't been there since it moved, but I liked Curly's, 1624 Powell Street. I think it is one of the few places that serves a full breakfast besides mama's in North Beach. Maybe someone who has been there recently can comment.

        I did a scan of menupages to refresh my memory. Didn't see much but maybe if some other Chowhound takes a look they will spot a place for breakfast. The only other spot I remember closed.

        Cafe Divine that was mentioned in the thread is light breakfast. Here's the menu.

        I once had breakfast at O'Reilly's, but it was an Irish breakfast and it was only ok. Nice people and relaxing on off-hours to kick back. Don't know the breakfast hours, but they would probably make breakfast for you anytime if you wanted. O'Reillys did get a negative post for dinner recently though.

        Haven't tried these ... maybe someone else can comment ... from the menu pages list these have breakfast and you can see the menus.

        Caffee DeLucci

        Pat's Cafe

        I'm glad Melanie commented. I was looking for this post to answer and for some reason just couldn't find it no matter which way I looked, search or scanning the sf board. It just wasn't catching my eye for some reason.