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Is Chinatown's Pho Pasteur still there? Other good Pho nearby?

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Last minute help needed before a movie at Boston COmmon

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  1. I just walked by there the other day and it is there.

    1. I ate there Saturday night. Very good, very crowded, very fast, very cheap. : )

      1. But isnt the CHITO location a different owner?

        1. It's totally unrelated to the restaurants now known as Le's, and it has much better pho.

          1. Pho Hoa, just around the corner from Pasteur, is excellent, and has a full V-N menu.

            As far as I know, they're the only place in Chinatown that serves Seven Courses of Beef, a banquet for 2 for $30. This is a real treat if you have plenty of time to enjoy all the different preparations.

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              Love to hear more about their 7 courses of beef -- would be very grateful if you could detail the courses. Thanks!

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                However, I find their pho vastly inferior to most places, especially Pho Pasteur.

              2. Recently had some bo bun hue (on the wall in English) at Xinh Xinh, essentially a Hue-style pho-like noodle dish -- the broth tastes like their basic pho broth with the addition of lemongrass, chilli and lots of scallions. Thick slices of fat-veined beef; half circles of a firm Vietnamese herby/spicy pork "pate" and a chunk of fatty pork knuckle with skin (too soft and chewy; should have a dense texture). Not bad.

                1. to limster - re Seven Courses of Beef

                  I'll try to reconstruct this as best I can:

                  part one is three courses, one at a time - marinated/raw; fry in butter at your table; cook in broth at your table - served with a stack of rice papers, a bowl of hot water to soften them, and a large platter of assorted veggies - lettuce, shredded carrots, etc, and fine noodles so you make your own rolls. There are some dipping sauces, too.

                  Then they bring out three courses on a platter, prepared in the kitchen: meatballs, kebabs, and rolled slices of beef with a vegetable in the middle.

                  The last course is soup. This may not be exact. The beef slices are about the size that you'd get in a bowl of pho, so it's a generous amount of meat for the whole meal, but there's lots more than just beef.

                  It's a lot of fun, and a bargain for two @$30.

                  Give yourself plenty of time to play with your food!

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                    Thank you very much! I'll definitely give them a shot one of these days when I have backup.

                  2. I found this for someone else, so I'll link it here as well: Beef Seven Ways - description