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Jul 3, 2006 07:55 PM

Opa! Opa! - Sac

New (ish) place just opened in East Sac (57th and J, right across from Sweatwater). It's an informal Greek place but uses nice ceramic plates. Cyros, Pita, Spanakopita, Domathes, Hummus, they have them all. I struggle to find the most expensive item on the menu and it's $7.95 for the seafood Souvlaki. Even the broiled leg of lamb souvlaki is $6.95. Places like this need to stay open. I just had the Gyros plate today. Nicely seasoned meat. I'll return again and again to try out all their items. They also have a little sweat shop right next door. And they cater too.

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  1. Peter:
    Do you know if they make their own gyro meat or buy it from that place in Chicago, like 95 percent of the other Greek restaurants?
    Do you know if the tzatziki sauce was yogurt based or more sour cream/cucumber?
    Was the gyro meat grilled, cooked on a spit or fried?

    1. Opa! Opa! was pretty good per my Greek foodie friend who accompanied me. My interest was, however, more in the "attached" dessert place next door (sweets not sweat). Both businesses, though, need signage on the street 'cause they're easy to miss....good eats at either place.