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Jul 3, 2006 07:38 PM

LA Dim Sum: Only the Best!

Fellow Chowhounds,

One type of food that I have yet to conquer in the LA area is Dim Sum. In fact, I have never even had dim sum, which is sad and a little embarrassing.

I would like to fill this hole in my stomach with your expert advice. Allow me to state my dim sum mission:


I don't care where it is (except China... I know they have the best dim sum!), the decor, service, etc. I want to experience the best based on taste, most fantastic dim sum this city has to offer.

After some research, I know that the SGV is dim sum central. I also know that there seems to be two trends in LA dim sum: traditional and "new wave" dim sum. I would like to hear recommendations for both types and why the restaurant you recommend is the best and better that XYZ.

I would also like to have recommendations for what to order. What is the best dim sum to get at the dim sum best establishment? Also, what do the prices look like? Can I eat for $10? $15? Hopefully not more than $20.

So please, let me know what you feel is the best. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!

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  1. We have tried most, and we like New Capital at Garvey and Atlantic. We have been many times, and because there is such a great assortment, every time we are able to try new items! They also have a yogurt/pudding'ish "thing" in a short plastic cup infused with chunks of various fresh fruits that is VERY unusual and refreshing. That is usually served around noon. The service here is extremely attentive and pleasant, and you will be able to enjoy a lot of dim sum for $20.

    We also enjoy 888, but sometimes they are better than others. The food is not always consistent, but when it is good, it is quite good.

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      Just to clarify I presume you're talking about Capital Seafood, rather than New Capital Seafood which is also on Garvey, and quite popular, but in the Rosemead portion of the street east of New Ave. Concur that Capital Seafood is very good, and it's kind of a cross between old and new styles in that the food is more reminiscent of "new wave," but they use carts.

      1. re: Chandavkl

        Chandavkl -- I believe you are correct. This has been referred to as the "gold" restaurant. It is very pretty inside. It is in the corner of a shopping mall with 99 Ranch, and there is a gas station on the corner. We like the dim sum here very much, and then the walking in the mall afterward is also fun -- the bakery and the store at the end (same as a two-story Chinatown branch, but I don't remember the name of me!). So, what do you think of the dim sum here?

    2. 888 in san gabriel or full house in arcadia. you can eat to your hearts content and get out of the door for under $15pp.

      1. For traditional dim sum I like Ocean Star because it has a nice mix of old favorite dishes and some innovative items, though not to the extent of New Concept, Mission 261, etc. I suspect it does the largest volume of any of the dim sum places, and we usually get out of there for about $10 per person or slightly more.

        1. If you can get over the "C" rating at New Concept in Monterey Park, you'll be in for a treat. Standard fares like "har gow" are the largest I've ever seen and bursting with shrimp filling, but a lot of creativity is put into shaping the little delicacies too. Think spinach skin and shark fin bun.

          This is the OG of New Wave. Check off your selection on a menu and try something new each time!

          New Concept Restaurant
          700 S. Atlantic Blvd.
          Monterey Park, CA 91754

          1. Along with recommendations for the "best dim sum" would you also like to know who the world's most beautiful man/woman is?

            Kidding aside, this is an impossible question to answer.

            It depends on so many variables, i.e. (i) your own palate (ii) kind and style of dim sum (iii) cart service or off-the-menu ordering style.

            CART service (my top 2 choices):
            1. 888
            2. Ocean Star

            MENU ordering (my top 2 choices):
            1. Sea Harbour
            2. Triumphal Palace / New Concept (tie)

            Many here will disagree and there will undoubtedly be many other (equally fine) recommendations, but that's where I'm putting my 2 cents worth.

            Enjoy and chow away...