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Jul 3, 2006 07:31 PM

Portland Rec's [Moved from Beer board]

Going to Portland for the first time next week. What are the must have beers and brew houses?

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  1. While I can't give you a rec, I'll forewarn you that McMenamin's is extremely overrated.

    Oregon is home to Deschutes and they make some excellent beer. You should be able to find that on draft.

    1. I guess you're saying McMenamin's beer itself is overrated. The facilities sure aren't. Their Edgefield spot, near the airport, is so cool. The other locations I've been to are also cool. And, I really like their Hammerhead Ale. I would not go to Portland w/o visiting a McMenamin's if you love beer. It's an institution.

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        Different strokes for different folks. I think their beer is just OK. I do agree that the atmosphere of their pubs is cool. I think Rogue makes much better beer, and they have a pub:

        Portland Pub
        1339 NW Flanders
        Portland, OR 97209
        (503) 222-5910

      2. I agree, Rogue is a great place. Some very interesting stuff (chocolate stout, chamo-mello, etc.) and something like 50 taps to try. They have a taster deal with 4 or 5 smaller glasses, and you can pick which ones. They have several locations, but I'd go to the one in the Pearl.

        Another place is the New Old Lompoc. They also do a taster tray, I think it's a taste of each thing they happen to have on tap at the time. I'm a fan of the LSD (Lompoc Strong Draft) and they make a helluva tasty root beer as well. They have two other locations in addition to the NW 23rd one.

        Nearby the New Old Lompoc is Laurelwood on Kearney off of 23rd.

        For the nexus of good food you can get with a great beer selection (some local, some not), Higgins is the place.

        For a great beer selection and great music but just OK food, Blue Monk is the place. The beer here is mostly not local, but there are hard to find selections.

        You can start at Laurelwood, then walk to New Old Lompoc, then take a longer walk to Rogue, and a long stroll to Higgins for dinner (the burger they serve in the bar is pretty tasty) and more tasting. It's a good crawl that we have done with the Portland Food Group. Here's the whole discussion:
        Post #11 has the route we did for the NW crawl and suggestions for an eastside crawl and SW crawl. Shoot a message to angelhair on that site if you want, she's a fabulous beer resource.

        Here are some other resources for ya:

        1. I'll need to go to Portland, it's looking like. We get very few Rogue beers down in So Cal. I'd love to try Chamomellow.

          1. Downtown check out Rogue and up the about 4 blocks is Bridgeport. Locals may roll their eyes and tell you it sucks now that they "yuppiefied" it, but its a great place for happy hour. Cheap beer (ipa is delicious and unique) and cheap appetizers. I had an increadible cheese plate with sausage, and a smoked oyster for $2.50.

            There's also a Rock Bottom and Tugboat downtown.

            Other brewpubs that I hit and would recommend is Lucky Lab for their IPAs, Roots Organic, Alameda, Lauralwood, Amnesia, and check out the Kennedy school mcmennimans. Like someone else said, if you're into beer, you will appreciate their concept and rennovations of old buildings - the beer is just ok. If you are interested in unique breweries, check out the one man operation at Hair of the Dog (must call and make an appointment).

            When you get to Portland head to the center of downtown to the information center and pick up the Brew-Ha! pamphlet. It was our bible when we were there.

            Here is another resource with reccommended places (and reviews)to visit: