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Jul 3, 2006 07:05 PM

Anything New in Wildwood?

Making our annual pilgrimage to Wildwood in August. I know the Cape May dining scene pretty well, but am interested in learning if anything new has popped up in Wildwood or vicinity. Interestingly, Wildwood was beginning to gentrify when we were there last summer: a business opened up on the boardwalk that was neither a tattoo parlor, rude T-shirt emporium nor a pizza joint -- it was a kitchen/gourmet shop! I was so overcome with emotion I bought a dishtowel.

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  1. yes, there is a new southwest/tex-mex place called Red Sky Cafe.
    It is on Atlantic Ave., by the corner of Schellenger, right in the heart of Wildwood.

    There is another established Red Sky location inland around exit 17 off the Garden State Parkway.

    Prices are reasonable enough, and there are basic dishes, plus creative sounding ones. Not a "stuffy" place, either...

    I was sad to see that kitchen gourmet shop on the boardwalk, cause it took the place of the "Nut Hut". Boy I loved their choc. nonpareils!

    But, I agree with you that the boardwalk needs some classier stores, not just T-shirt places.

    ellen in ac

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      Thanks Ellen! We'll definitely try Red Sky.
      Was sad to hear that Maureen's closed - great food, magical martinis. Is that where Red Sky is now? It sounds like it might be.
      When we return, I'll try to remember to post any good chow experiences. There was a Pacific style restaurant we ate at last year that I thought was wonderful, but now I can't remember the name. Hoping that the folks who run the Candlelight, the B&B we stay at, will know. Our modus operandi is that the breakfasts there are so good that we can get by with fruit for lunch, and then go all out for dinner. And we will travel for food. So, vicinity recommendations are gratefully accepted.

    2. Have you tried Claude's? It has been a few years since it moved from Stone Harbor but we only had a chance to try it this summer. We thought it was very good.

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        If Claude's is the French restuarant in north Wildwood, then yes, we did eat there. I thought it was charming, and the hosts warm and weloming, so I really wanted to like it, but the menu selections were a bit too fussy old-style French for our tastes; not a wide selection either, especially if you don't eat shellfish.

      2. Try Gia at Glenwood and Pacific. It's outstanding Italian (BYOB). The decor is beautiful and, while it probably seats around 80, there are three dining rooms separated by French doors so it is fairly intimate. Four of us went and had appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Everything was delicious!

        Highly recommended-Bethie's Flourless Chocolate Cake. It is to die for.

        P.S. They have their own pastry chef.

        P.P.S. They also have a website-it's just the menu:

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          Gia's sounds wonderful! I checked out the menu. Will definitely give it a try -- thanks for the tip. For this New Yorker, weary of wine costs, one of the pleasures of the Jersey Shore is all the BYOB places.