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Jul 3, 2006 06:51 PM

Portland Recommendations - Sushi, Seafood, Italian

I'm visiting Portland with my family for the first time since the mid-90's. I'd love recommendations (downtown area) for sushi, seafood and italian. Looking for moderately priced places that locals love. Thanks!!

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  1. Murata for sushi. Probably best in town. Definitely get some salmon nigiri. They have an $18 and a $24 fixed price meal that is worth getting. I'd just get double sushi/nigiri myself.

    Pazzo for Italian, their pastas are a good value and made in-house, I believe. They do a good job with fish and meat dishes, too, but you'll go over $20 an entree for those.

    You could do Jakes or Southpark for seafood if you want a wide selection, but personally, I'd rather go to a place like Park Kitchen that may have a smaller selection but does a better job.

    1. For sushi, definitely Murata, at 200 SW Market, downtown. Free parking in the garage in the building, in case you're not walking over there from another point in downtown.

      For Italian downtown, Mama Mia's for red sauce Italian (east coast-style Ital/American).

      For seafood, southpark is a good choice. There's also Veritable Quandry, the Dining Room at the Heathman Hotel, and Higgins...

      1. Italian- Piazza Italia on NW 12th & Johnson . Casual, authentic Italian.
        Giorgios on NW 12 th & Hoyt - little more formal, elegant quiet with great food.

        Seafood- Southpark !

        1. I'll suggest Justa Pasta for reasonable, but still quality, Italian--it's more northwest than downtown, but the value might make up for having to take the streetcar out there.

          1. Okay, a little out of the way, but Syun (pronouned shoon) in Hillsboro is the BEST place to get sushi, if you want the real deal with real Japanese food. They are the only ones bringing in the hard to find fish and their traditional Japanese food is great as well. Last time we went they even sent us real fresh ground wasabi, not the powdered wasabi/horseradish blend. IT's really amazing, but make reservations, and go for dinner when the best fish is available. They have an amazing Sake selection as well.