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Jul 3, 2006 06:49 PM

Good eats in Chino/Chino Hills?

I am trying to brak my stepson of chain dining. He only eats at the Spectrum at places like Chile's/Applebee's/Johnny Carino's/On the Border. The only good place is Wabi-Sabi. I'm looking for Italian/Japanese/Chine/Mexican mainly. Chino Wayne,are you listening?

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  1. For really good fish and shrimp tacos, try Taco Nazo on Pipeline near Chino Hills Parkway. It's behind the Sizzler and next to the carwash. A hole in the wall, but it's authentic.

    For Chinese, try Diamond Palace Chinese Seafood in Diamond Bar.

    225 Gentle Springs LN, Diamond Bar, CA
    (909) 860-6339


    1. It is not for no reason that I refer to my home grounds as The Dining Wilderness That Is The Inland Empire. We always head out of town for Chinese, never had any decent Chinese in this area.

      For Italian, I have not been, but Rosa's on Vineyard just north of the airport in Ontario has a good reputation, this is kind of high end Italian. In Chino Hills we have been dining at Peppino's. I had high hopes for this joint, but it is not run by the founding family, it is a licensee, and they seem to be missing it in the kitchen. A very ambitious menu for a casual Italian joint in this area. I do like their antipasto salad. Relaxed atmosphere with big LCD TV's and a full bar.

      One of these days I'll drag my daughter around and we will check out some of the local sushi joints, then I might have a report.

      Baja Bob's is going to open in a failed Italian joint on Central Avenue in Chino, south of Chino Avenue. We dined at Baja Bob's when it was hidden away behind a strip center further uptown, the food was pretty good, as I recollect, so this might show some promise.

      And I am sure I will be sneared at by some, but when the Mrs. and I have a craving for Mexican, we just tool over to El Chollo in La Habra (just a hop, skid and jump down the 60, and then over the hill on Fullterton Road to Whittier Boulevard).
      Just had some Margaritas, nachos, guacamole, and shrimp fajitas there a few weeks ago, very satisfying.

      You can always send your stepson over to Joey's on Riverside and East End in Chino for some 'Q. (Too bad, he coulda had some mighty fine 'Q at my house today, spare ribs, country style ribs, smoked pork loin, big fat beef dogs, and beef hot links all from the old Weber Kettle.)

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        that sounds too good!

        Baja Bob's - is that any relation to Bobby Baja's in Rancho Cucamonga? I atr there a few years ago and the tri-tip was pretty good.
        Also, is Terra Nostra in Chino Hills still around? That was pretty good for Brazilian buffet. Zendejas used to be pretty good but the last time I was there it had slipped.

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          Just a hint Chino Wayne, next time you go to El Cholo, order the handmade flour tortillas with butter. AMAZING!! They go really well with a margarita.

        2. For Japanese/Sushi, the best place in the area is Kyala -- 1178 S. Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar 909-860-9162

          Located in a shopping center -- this place is a gem!

          1. Tacos El Rey in Chino has really good tacos al pastor, and carne asada tacos, I'm not sure what other kinds of tacos they have, but if you want authentic mexican tacos at a decent price go! The parking lot is small- it somewhere off Riverside Dr, I believe it is somewhere between Ramona and Central, but it is definitely on Riverside Dr. in Chino.

            I am looking for a good pastry place in the IE, Chino, Ontario, Pomona whatever-does anyone have suggestions, I don't want to have to go out to Alhambra or Pasadena to get good sweets. However I love the pastries off Colorado in Pasadena near Raymond, I think it is called Aux Delice, something like that. I also love the little cakes in Alhambra off Main, I think it is called Sweetest Perfect, good tres leches cake.

            1. We love Thai BBQ - it's a family-run Thai restaurant. It's in the same plaza as the new 99 Ranch Market in Chino Hills.

              We love the beef satay (the marinade is so good that you don't need the peanut sauce!), the BBQ chicken, the chicken noodles, pad-thai, etc. - all the typical dishes that taste that much better because it's family recipes.