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Jul 3, 2006 06:49 PM

winter wedding


My fiance and I live in New York and we're planning on getting married in January in the Los Angeles area, preferably around Pasadena or Downtown LA. Since it will be colder out, we are looking to have the ceremony and reception indoors. Can anyone recommend a good location around these areas? Criteria are the following:

We're planning to have 180 guests.

Good food.

Good views/ambience.

Good service.

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. This really all depends on if you're having ceremony and reception is same location? Will you need a caterer or you want an all in one package? Do you want a restaurant, a hotel, a ??

    The Ritz in Pasadena has plenty of wonderful venues in the hotel, all that will hold that many people. I heard of someone's wedding in Union Station recently, not sure how many people, but it's a lovely location. The Biltmore hotel downtown is purty.

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      Yes, Union Station is a great idea! We almost had our wedding there - it was a top contender. While they do have several lovely outdoor areas, the indoor locations are unique, beautiful, and historic. The architecture is quite breathtaking. And, as wedding locations go, the price is not outrageous.

      If you go with Union Station, you can use Traxx, a restaurant inside the station or an outside caterer. The folks at Traxx are very sweet and accomodating and the food is definitely not standard catering rubber chicken fare.

      Here's a link to the Hollywood Locations Union Station page. They're the ones you have to rent the site from. Also, I think the Traxx website is

      Good Luck!!

    2. The ceremony and reception will be in the same locations. As for caterer or not, we're open to either. We're pretty much open to anything.

      I've already tried the Ritz and they're booked for the day we wanted, Jan 20th, 2007. We are locked on that date.

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        1. Try Cicada - it's a restaurant downtown (the one used for the restaurant scene in Pretty Woman where the food goes flying and the waiter catches it.) It's a beautiful space (used to be a haberdashery and is kind of 20's art deco with Lalique glass doors) -- I'm not sure how many they could accommodate for dinner, but I'd imagine they'd be able to handle 180. I believe they frequently close the place for private parties. I've really enjoyed the times I've been to dinner there -- excellent food and service --

          Too bad Ritz is booked ... I can't think of any other good indoor wedding spots in Pasadena (and I'm a Pasadena local!)

          Another great spot is The Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown. They have a variety of ballrooms, it's a gorgeous hotel - I've been there a couple times for events, and the food has always been wonderful.

          I'd say if you want hotel feel - go with the Biltmore -- if you want private party in a restaurant feel - go with Cicada. Both are lovely. Neither have views. The Biltmore definitely has more of a 'grand' feel to it -- similar to what you would have had with the Ritz - if not more.

          Happy wedding planning!

          1. Try the New Otani. I think they do weddings. Also, if you have it at Descanso Garden, you can get the reception, too (Although you MUST use PatinA Group).

            You could think of non-hotel palces. I know the Petersen Automative Museum does weddings...You can bring in a caterer. Then, you have all those nifty cars all over. So does the Skirball-great views.