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Jul 3, 2006 06:42 PM

Good Dining in Marina Del Rey

It's my boyfriend's birthday tonight and I am looking for a place that won't break the bank but is delicious in Marina del Rey-- the challenge -- he claims to want a big delicious salad. . .help please.

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  1. Since Burger Boy hasn't stepped in on this one, You should Go to 26 Beach It is decent with a casual vibe and it won't break the bank

    3100 Washington Blvd
    Venice, CA 90292
    (310) 823-7526

    Closest thing to a menu I could find on the net :

    1. Hal's Bar and Grill on Abbot Kinney (not strictly MDR, but close enough) serves 4 salads for dinner -
      Manuel's salad and the artichoke-tomato salads were both certainly large enough to be split among two for a starter. The other two salads might also be good - but I haven't tried them. The meat and fish entrees are expensive here, but hey if you wanna stick to salads or veggie plates, this won't break the bank.