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Jul 3, 2006 06:41 PM

Japanese Noodle River in Toronto

Hey all .. I was trying to find more information on a Japanese restaurant in Toronto. Apparently there is either one with a conveyor belt OR a water-river with noodles served in it (you grab them with your chopsticks), OR it was just a river that they served plates of food on .. anyone have ANY idea where this restaurant might be? I heard about it but didn't catch the name of it.. Please let me know asap .. I'm trying to plan a friends' birthday.

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  1. fune has the water conveyor belt but it's not soley noodles and mostly sushi.

    actually to add onto your japanese hunt, i think they might be japanese owned and run too.

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      Ahhh.. that might be what I'm looking for .. thanks for replying! I know it sounds bad, but when you go to most Japanese restaurants in my town, they are run by Koreans - they don't make the food the same way generally .. I want something semi-upscale for my friend's birthday. :)