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Jul 3, 2006 06:38 PM

High quality hot dog buns..

I may be a little late for this but does anyone know any bakeries in Berkeley or Oakland that bake hot dog buns? Thanks!

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  1. Acme makes them at their bakery at the Ferry Building -- but I called and they don't make them in Berkeley.

    1. hello, my preference for sandwich buns in general excludes the standard hot dog bun which is way too soft and prone to disintegrate with tasty wet contents (condiments, sauerkraut,grilled onion). Just my own approach, your preferences will differ, but I get a ciabatta with a nice crust (Panorama rosemary is what i got for the 4th), split it and either grill or toast lightly, and there's enough for 4-5 big dogs with lots of fixins. enjoy

      1. Bread Workshop in Berkeley makes telera hot dog buns, but I think you have to order them in advanced....

        The Bread Workshop
        1398 University Ave. (at Acton)
        Tel. (510) 649-9740

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          Their Kaiser rolls make excellent hamburger buns.

        2. Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City has New England style buns baked for them at a local Redwood City bakery. I find them superior to most West Coast buns. Old port will sell them in packages of 12.