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Jul 3, 2006 06:34 PM

Whale and Ale - San Pedro

On Sunday, Dommy! officially gave up her residency of Long Beach. She handed over the keys and the garage door opener to her old landlord. On the way there after having battled the crowds at Ikea, we went to look for lunch. I though we could get a Grinder @ Busy Bee in San Pedro after reading many raves of the place on Chowhound. Sadly, they were closed on Sunday. So Plan B became Plan A and it was off to the Whale and Ale.

As a Volunteer for the LA Maritime Institute’s Top Sail Schooner program I had been there a few times for gatherings after sails, but Dommy hadn't and she wanted to try the Fish and chips.

For drinks, we started with Snake Bites [Guinness/Cider] The waitress who poured was having trouble with it and the liquids mixed during the pour. But the Guinness was fresh and the Cider was good and we didn't care. For an appetizer, we had the Sausage Rolls, 2 Sausages wrapped in Puff Pastry served with hot Coleman's Mustard. While they tasted great, the Pastry was a tad soggy.

For the Mains, Dommy! had the Fish and Chips. Batter was a Dark Golden Brown and Crispy! Just the way she likes it. :) The Chips were nothing to write home about and the Tarter sauce was a little on the sweet side.

Another star of the meal was the Sheppard's Pie. Ground lamb and prime rib together with peas and gravy topped with whipped mash Potatoes and broiled till crisp. It was well spiced and the Balance was nearly perfect. The gravy needed a little thickener so one would not require a spoon to eat the dish.

Finally for Desert, we shared the Cumberland Sticky Toffee Pudding
with Vanilla Ice Cream. This English style pudding was a perfect end to the meal. It was not overly sweet and the nuttiness of the toffee and caramel came through in the dish.

All told the damage was $54 + tip, and the meal kept us full the rest of the day's Activities and well into the night.

The Whale & Ale
327 W. 7th. Street,
San Pedro, CA. 90731
TEL:(310) 832-0363

Take Care

- P.

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  1. I like this place a lot. The English pub items on the menu are, well, English. Too bad they don't offer a ploughman's lunch, which I think is pretty much the best thing you can do in a pub.

    The Boddington's is a delicious bitter, and the sticky toffee pudding will have you smiling all the way home.

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    1. re: Tony Miller

      I must correct myself. Just discovered that the Whale and Ale DOES, in fact, offer a Ploughman's, but they call it a Ploughman's Plate and it's only on the dinner menu. Not completely authentic, in my experience; there's only one kind of cheese, no pickled onions, and a banger instead of cold cuts.

      But they are willing to make it at lunchtime if you ask, and I had a tasty and filling lunch. Especially with the Boddington's and the sticky toffee pudding!

    2. I had the Boddington's in the U.K. and it's rare for me to drink. Even to my unsophisticated palate it was fine. Used to work with the owner's wife (very nice lady). He is English and I think they mentioned you can sign up online for coupons/weekly specials or something similar. Never been to the place, but a couple of years back the fish and chips were mentioned in the L.A. Times.

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      1. re: Feed_me

        Both the owner and his wife are really cool people. The few run-ins that I've had with him, at his restaurant and the grocery store, etc., the gentleman has really impressed me. The ploughman's is a new one for me, I'll have to make a trip down there just to try it out. Thanks for the heads-up.