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Jul 3, 2006 06:23 PM

big fat mama's tamales now in Louisiana

Big Fat Mama's tamales, formerly of Natchez, MS, has relocated to St. Francisville at the Bluffs on Thompson Creek. Still very casual, with the same menu/people.

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  1. So how ARE these tamales??? Looking for some good ones in the Baton Rouge metro area!

    1. yeah, what are these all about.

      are these the ones that have bbq sauce or chile sauce over them?

      1. Big Fat Mama's tamales are delta-style tamales; finely ground beef filling, medium spiced smooth masa around the beef. You can get 'em with no toppings, or with a homemade chili on top. I don't think BFM's offers BBQ sauce (which sounds kinda gross, IMHO), but it does offer raw onions and cheese as additional toppings. And probably chili fritos & tamale pie, too.

        BFM's used to be in Natchez, just down the road from Rosalie house near the riverfront park atop the bluffs, with a nice little patio under a shady pecan tree. It was an informal little spot with cheap frozen margaritas & such, popular with tourists...

        1. yes, that was it delta tamales. with chili on top. never tried it but sure sounded like a delicious southern mexican fusion dish.

          can you describe the location again? where is it in relation to new orleans or acadiana or new iberia? thanks.

          i've only visited nola before.

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          1. re: kevin

            The Bluffs at Thompson Creek is a golf course community (the name changed recently, but I can't recall the "new" name) just south of St. Francisville, which is located north of Baton Rouge by 45 minutes or so via US 61.

          2. So, is Fat Mama's in Natchez closed now?

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            1. re: Sister Sue

              Yes, the location in Natchez is closed. I think the property belonged to the city or something, and BFM lost their lease.