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Jun 22, 2006 09:45 AM

Seeking Info On Blue Star Cooktop [Moved from Not About Food]

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Niki, can you please give more information about the Blue Star cooktop. I've never heard of the brand. I'm thinking Viking, Wolf..all the likely suspects. Why Blue Star? Which model did you buy? Could you share the cost of the cooktop and any other pertinent information that might help in my decision making? Thanks.

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    Niki in Dayton

    Blue Star is what used to be Garland. They quit manufacturing home appliances, and Blue Star bought the patent, I think. I bought it on-line from Prizer-Painter (the manufacturer) since there are no dealers in Ohio. I think the nearest dealer to us was Philadelphia. I got the 6 burner, 36 inch cooktop, and it cost about $2,600 delivered. I have 2 18,000 BTU burners, 3 15,000 BTU burners, and one 10,000 BTU low simmer burner. The flame (burner) is configured in a star pattern, vice the circle that most cooktops have.

    I read an essay by David Rosengarten where he tested various cooktops, and that's what sold me on the Blue Star. I linked to it below.


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      Garland I'm very familiar with. I used to have one of there six burner double-oven stoves. I loved it. I was not aware that they morphed into Blue Star. Good to know. Thanks for the information. I've already been on the website and, as we 'speak', I am printing off the Rosengarten article you kindly linked.. Thanks so much.

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        We just got a Blue Star 30 inch range with two 22,000 BTU burners, one 15,000 burner, and a simmer burner. The oven is convection and has an 1,800 degree infrared broiler. Love it!!! I think it is better quality (more commercial) than a Wolf or any of the other high-end stuff. It is not too slick looking, so people looking for a "show kitchen" may not like it, particularly the open burners and the rough surface on the stove top. For sheer cooking power though, it rocks!

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          Hi, Do you know if there are any midwest (Chicago area) distributors for Blue Star cooktops? If not what aboutservice?
          Also can you order the cooktops or ranges in any burner configuration? Thanks Sue

      2. re: Niki in Dayton

        Niki- I think your description is close but not quite accurate. Prizer Painter has been in business since 1880, and I believe the Garland home stove was always made by them. Once Garland decided to discontinue the line, Prizer took up the design and came out with their own brand.

        We have a 36" RNB, six burner and have really enjoyed it so far. There's lots of discussion/history on THS at Gardenweb about the various Bluestar products.

      3. have a Blue Star and love it. It heats water in record time. The electric igniters work beauitfully. The heat in the oven is level and constant. It has a large oven. The star burners are really worth looking into, especially with the double row of gas jets to bring the heat up to 18K on two burners. What a joy to cook on a stove that responds immediately. Easy to clean up, great big sheet pan under all the burners. A big oven. The steel back against the wall and the shelf and the casters all make it a wonderful appliance. Expensive, yes, but after I read the putdowns by Consumer Reports about Wolf and the other "in between" restaurant and home kitchens, I opted for the Blue Star and have never been sorry. It even has a convection oven and a radiant burner in the broiler. The star design really gives heat out to the edges as well as the center of the pot, look at it closely and when something is boiling you can see the bubbles mirroring the star pattern of gas underneath. I've never spent so much on a stove and never enjoyed one so much as this one. I have the 36" six burner. E-Mail me for questions if you want to talk with a very satisfied owner. Website is, You can pester them with questions and get their specs from this site.