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Zest in Westport, CT.

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Has anyone eaten at the recently opened Zest in Westport, CT? If so how was it?

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  1. Thanks for the clarification pixelle. That was my first post and I live in Westport and have for a long time and definately associate Fairfield County as part of the Tri-State area. Since I haven't had any replies regarding Zest, how about The Cookhouse in Darien for barbecue?

    1. Friends of mine just had brunch at Zest on Sunday morning and gave it a thumbs up. Early word on the street is that their dinner menu is solid as well. As you may have heard/read, it's the same owner as Da Pietro, so there are some high expectations.

      As for BBQ, I hear mixed things about the Cookhouse - primarily that they seem to be a bit inconsistent. I tend to favor Bobby Q's and Ash Creek.

      1. Had the unfortunate chance to have dinner there the other night, prior to heading up to the Westport Playhouse, our entire group of six could only come up with one description: Airplane Food. It was really that bad. Service was painful and just not on par. Seemed as if our server had just walked in off the street, and knew nothing of the restuarant who how to allow diners to enjoy their meal.

        Oh well, funky location and well designed space but just not worth the visit.

        1. Oh, I can hardly wait to try this place! I've had dinner at DaPietro's and it was wonderful, but mostly I remember Pietro (or Pete, as he was known back then) when he owned the deli next to what is now Fountainhead...what a great place that was! Thanks all!

          1. Thinking about going for breakfast tomorrow. What's the price range for breakfast there? Can't seem to find a menu online.

            1. Had breakfast there this morning -- it was fantastic! We had the crepes, ricotta pancakes, regular pancakes, blueberry pancakes, the breakfast potatoes, and sausage. We ate every bit of food it was so good. The chef came out to say hello on our way out. We'll be trying Zest again for lunch or dinner soon. Highly recommend!

              1. Just came back from meeting a friend for breakfast at Zest--very good experience. The coffee is delicious and though we both opted for the yogurt/granola/fruit parfait (for a variety of reasons), it was a very tough decision to make. Service was great--I arrived early and they seated me right away, no waiting for my whole party. Took a look at all the menus while I waited; it all looked good. Lots of organic stuff. I'll definitely be going back.

                1. Zest is a wonderful addition to Westport's dining scene. The service has always been excellent (it DOES get busy at lunch) and friendly, and I've only had wonderful food. The specials menu is usually worth perusing. The space is spare and modern, so if you're looking for warm and cozy, stick to Da Pietro, but Zest is great for any meal; it is casual and "happening," also great for celeb sightings.

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                    I just had brunch at Zest this past Sunday and I liked the food. I had chocolate chip pancakes with sausage on the side. The prices arent too bad unless u r having mimosas like my friends and I were and then it can get a bit pricey. I thought that overall it was very relaxing there and they let u stay as long as u want..no rushing at ALL! Brunch is from 11-3 on Sundays. Its not a buffet brunch though just so u know!

                    Here is their website: