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Jul 3, 2006 06:00 PM

ideas for interesting/gourmet HAMBURGER toppings!

i'm grilling some plain ole hamburger patties tonight and need some great toppings -
one of my coworkers suggested a "spicy CA roll burger":

1) thin layer of sri-racha sauce + mayo
2) avocado
3) cucumbers
4) a little cream cheese

i don't know how that might taste. doesn't necessarily have to be so interesting - anything you've found to be a good combo, particular cheeses, etc. thanks so much!

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  1. Not for tonight since it takes at least a few weeks to mellow, but my favorite burger topping is a spicy homemade corn relish. And thanks for reminding me. Now that corn season is about upon us, time to put up another batch.

    1. My favorite is lamb burgers (all lamb, or beef and lamb) with cumin mixed in and mint leaves intead of lettuce. You could try without the lamb and see how you like the cumin and mint.

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        I've made lamb burgers with some zaatar, very finely chopped onions, and chopped parsley mixed in. Serve with a little yogurt sauce.

      2. Chipotle Mayo.
        Fried Eggs.
        Canadian Bacon.
        Any cheese other than American or cheddar or Swiss. Get creative with it.
        Grilled sliced Portabella.
        Let's face it, you really can put anything on a burger. If it's not good, don't do it again. There are also people putting patties on Krispy Kreme donuts.


        1. You're going to think I'm insane, but the best and most interesting burger toppings I've ever had were combined by a French neighbor who topped his burgers with large spreads of roquefort cheese and peanut butter...I really can't describe how fantastic it is, a true favorite of mine now.
          Other thoughts:
          Thinly sliced roasted beets and a spread of goat cheese mixed with basil and mint.
          Hummus and roasted bell peppers.
          Spicy tomato relish and guacamole.
          Tropical salsa (papaya, mango, roasted poblano peppers, mint, etc.)

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          1. re: Aaron

            That actually sounds very promising: kind of like foie gras with jam or popcorn with truffle oil. High brow/low brow combos really amuse and entice me.

          2. Many years ago we lived in Newport, Rhode Island, and I'll never forget the fabulous mint topping the Black Pearl restaurant put on the burgers. I've searched online for the recipe without success. Does anyone have knowledge as to how that fabulous topping is made? (I could probably figure it out now, I was not as experienced a cook then.)

            I did find out it's still a feature of their burgers.