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Jul 3, 2006 05:52 PM

DC visitor to Kansas City for BBQ


Im looking for recomended places to experience the famous Kansas city BBQ experience. I was watching a History Channel show yesterday and thinking, before the summer is over, I got to try this stuff.

I guess with the different things to do in between noshing, and recovery, I could strech it out for a few days.

Let me know your recomendations.
From the hole in the wall to the world famous.
As long as it is chow worthy.

Email me or post it here.


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  1. If you do a search for Kansas City BBQ you will get more threads on this topic than you can read in a day.
    I will say that LC's burnt ends are a reason to go to KC. The only reason anyone should need. I like them without sauce, so I always recommend you get it on the side.
    The Arthur Bryant debate has intriqued me to the point that I will try it myself when I'm down at the end of July.
    KC Janes rec to me of Lamb ribs at Jack Stacks was right on.

    1. I have not been to LC's yet.

      Not a big Arthur Bryant's fan... I found the meat to be really inferior.

      Jack Stack's is always really good. I love the cheesy corn, smoked sausage, and the barbequed chicken!

      Oklahoma Joe's is pretty good too, but I only ever get the pulled pork, Carolina style, so I haven't really had a wide range there. Their french fries are the best of all the bbq places.

      Skip Gates!

      1. a friend and I used to keep a website up of our ratings, but alas we got to busy. If you have never had KC bbq you HAVE TO TRY Arthur Bryant's and the Downtown one, not anyother one, the decor and service is 1/2 of the meal. Most unique sauce.

        Gates is a 2nd must, they have a BBQ acadamy about 40th and troost or so, any gates locations gives you the taste.

        Haywards and Jack Stack are great, for different reasons, but Zarda BBQ on 87th and I35 in Overland Park gives you similar style with the best onion rings.

        THE ONE NOT TO GO TO IS KC MASTERPIECE. This is just a corporate manipulation of a sauce I belive a DR came up with, nothing special at all about the dining experience.

        As the others mentioned LC's and good and Oklahoma Joe's is not KC bbq, stay away.

        But to really enjoy KC BBQ you just missed the Lenexa BBQ contest, the American Royal BBQ contest is this fall, come and visit those, that is the way to go.

        1. karlsbox, I can only agree with your review of KC Masterpiece, not worth it. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that OK Joe's isn't KC BBQ. Their brisket is consistantly good as is their pulled pork (although PP may not be traditional KC BBQ), I've never had a bad meal at either location. I'm not fond of Hayward's or Zarda's.

          I personally like Gate's but the brisket can be fatty and I stay away from the ribs. Not everyone agrees with me. Best fries in town though.

          LC's, OK Joe's, Smokin Gun's are some good choices. Check SG's hours before you go, ther're limited.

          1. I have to agree with chileheadmike. Oklahoma Joe's is really good. The pulled pork is way above average, as are the fries. My very favorite is LC's. Great ribs, with some "chew" which ribs should have, and good brisket. I never go to KC Masterpiece (the cleanest bbq, and not in a good way) or Gate's. Gate's is chain food for the masses. Hayward's is not at all what I'd consider good bbq. Just not tasty at all. Have you heard about Woodyard in Merriam? Excellent, except like Smokin' Guns, odd hours. Both of those places are gems. I haven't been to Arthur Bryants for a while, I need to get back. It is certainly the definitive bbq experience in KC.