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Jul 3, 2006 05:52 PM

Pork for Sandwiches - help for last minute lunch tomorrow, pls!

I just got elected to serve lunch after a bike ride tomorrow. Pork is requested. So I need to cook something tonight that would be good cold on sandwiches tomorrow. I think I'll serve my Mom's fig jam and goat cheese and arugla on the sandwiches. I prefer to cook a loin or a tenderloin, not a butt (for various reasons I won't trouble you with).

Any prefered method to make it hold up nicely for an overnight in the frige? Is there any way to make loins all loose and shredd-y like a shoulder gets?

I'll probably serve it out by the pool, with watermelon and a bowl of my tiny cherry tomatos. Were having pound cake and berries, too. Is that enough food, or do I need another dish? It's just chicks at this point.

What would you drink? Heavy white? chilled Pinot Noir? I have a dry Reisling and a Gros Mansang and an Albarino in the basement. Do I need to go shopping for something else?

Thanks and happy 4th...if you never hear from "danna" again, we dropped dead riding our bikes in the 97 degrees expected tomorrow.

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  1. I may just cook a country ham and slice it up nice and thin. As for shredded loin I have one question, WHY?? It's too good a cut to shred. I'd go for the lesser cuts and leave it in a crock pot or something overnight. Shred it tomorrow morning. You can get a lot of flavour into it that way.


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      I wouldn't shred it either....especially with the other flavors you're putting together (which sounds fantastic btw). If you want the tender mouth-feel of shredded pork, slice the loin very very thinly and stack multiple slices on each sandwich.

    2. Loin nad tenderloin do no thave the fat or connective tissue that allow for succlance and easy shredding. The longer you cook either of the cuts you mention the tougher and drier they will get. So if you are going to do that loin I would only roast to about 150 F. then let it stand a bit before slicing thinly. The temperature will increase as it stands, redistribute the juices and make for a better sandwich. Too bad about not wanting to do a shoulderbut maybe another time. Your sandwich does sound good.

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        Thanks all. I coated the loin in a paste of thyme, sage, and rosemary, larded it w/ a little pancetta and roasted it to 145. Left it whole overnight and sliced it very thin as advised in the morning. It made pretty darn good sandwiches, if I do say so! Thanks again.