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Jul 3, 2006 05:31 PM

Third Stop -- Great Neighborhood Gastropub

After another lovely Sunday evening spent at the 3rd Stop, which was nearly empty, I felt compelled to come in and post. This is a pub in the old Cafe Veneto Space on 3rd Street and Willaman near Cedars Sinai. They have about 30 microbrews on tap, many of them local, including the excellent Craftsman Beers which were featured in the L.A. Times food section last week. The space is nicely decorated, and while they don't exactly have table service -- in the tradition of pubs you order at the bar and they bring food to your table -- the service is always more than friendly and efficient.

We've chatted with the owner, who's from Ireland (and all the beers, BTW, are served at the perfect temperature -- cold lagers, and cool ales) and wanted to start a gastropub like the ones they have in the UK. The menu is small but everything we had has been excellent -- some of the best fried calamari I've had, polenta triangles (which I think are fried in bacon grease) with a gorgonzola cream sauce), Irish stew, Shepherd's pie. The dishes are small, but also well priced -- the most expensive thing on the menu is $9, and the beers are mostly $5 a pint. They also have a brick pizza oven, and make terrific small pizzas -- my favorite is the spinach and parmesan "3rd stop" pizza, but the Margherita is also fantastic, and the other ones (prosciutto and rosemary, goat cheese and olives) look good too.

It's just a fabulous place to stop in for a beer or a glass of wine and a little something to eat, or to go on a Sunday evening for a light meal. They have valet parking in the evenings, which is nice, since parking can be tough to find around there.

Here's a picture from last night of our pizza 3rd stop and polenta.
It fills a real need in that part of L.A. for a great neighborhood bar, and I'd encourage anyone to try it.

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  1. Thanks for the nice report. Somehow this missed our radar but we will try it soon. Sounds terrific and a nice addition to the neighborhood.

    1. Thanks for the post. I've passed this place several times but have never tried it, though it sounds great. We love Craftsman beers! I'm wondering if it's empty because of the lack of foot traffic, though you'd think Cedars staff would appreciate a good pub in the hood. We'll try it the next time we're on the Westside. Thanks!

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        Well, it is a bar, and we tend to go on off hours, and maybe Sunday at 5 pm on a holiday weekend isn't the best time to judge, but I think not many people know about it.

        Aren't Craftsman Beers amazing? My favorites are the 1903 and Triple White Sage.

      2. Unfortunately, I have to agree w/Amuse Bouches. I say this w/great trepdiation b/c it would really suck if this place got TOO crowded bc this is one of my fav. places to grab a bite to eat & drink (I recommend the Rouge Dead Guy to drink.) I sincerely believe that this is the closest thing to Father's Office that those of us east of Fairfax will have.

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          I've been hesitant about posting, because I agree that part of its charm is the lack of excessive crowds, but I think it's worthy of the CHowhound community, especially if CHs visit at off hours for bars (i.e. Friday nights have seemed busy -- Sunday early evening not so much).

        2. Same problem here - hope this doesn't get too popular.

          The Crafstman Sage is amazing!

          I actually find the ales a bit too cold. Jason told me at one point that they were unable to set different temperatures by keg . . .

          1. I went to Third Stop in February, and had a really good time. LOVE the sage beer, and I'm glad that I can get it closer to my apartment instead of having to drive all the way out to Father's Office. They have a dessert pizza with nutella and something else that's just to die for - our group ended up getting two of them.