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Jul 3, 2006 05:05 PM

Jack London Square!

Just moved down the street from Jack London Square from LA. Wanted some recommendations about local restaurants/bars.

What is a good breakfast place in Jack London??
What about best drinks/happy hours?

Just went to Kincaid's for dinner the other night. It was pricey but SO GOOD!

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  1. For breakfast, Cuckoo's Nest is a good choice, though service is a little uneven. I've never been to listen to music in the evening.

    1. Nellie's Soul Food is a few blocks west of Jack London Square. Solid, homestyle food. Huge portions at reasonable prices. Excellent fried chicken.

      1. Right in Jack London square I like the Chicken and waffle place just because it's close. The chicken and waffle is better at Merritt I think, but the sides are much better at the chicken and waffle house. I eat at Ginza for Japanese food and don't go to Yoshi's. Yoshi's is just for atmosphere and music. I like Kincaids although some ppl I talked to said it's gone down a bit in just the past year. Buttercup is right there for breakfast, although I like Rudy's in Emeryville better. Dim sum is just down and right on Broadway to get to Legendary Palace.
        Drinks and happy hour there? I just walked by that one on the corner at the end on Broadway last Friday, forgot the name, but it was getting busy by 6 or 7. All the way on the other end of Broadway is Luka's Taproom which is good for happy hour.

        1. Welcome to Oakland!

          Luka's Taproom on W. Grand and Broadway has great cocktails and fabulous fancyish food, djs, and is packe full of Oaklanders of all sorts. Also puts on a nice Sunday Brunch.

          A straight-up bar is the Ruby Room by the Tribune Tower.

          Dim sum in Chinatown is always fun. Try Legandary Palace (7th and Franklin), Yo Ho (8th), or Peony (in Asian American Cultural Center 10th and Webster).

          Vietnamese Sandwiches are so delicious at Cam Huong on Webster between 8th and 9th. Only open for lunch. The line looks long but really it is because there is so little space in there. I've never waited more than 5 minutes.

          In Jack London Square proper: Scotts for drinks and fried seafood snacks, upscalish. The Fat Lady has cocktails and stories to tell. It has been owned by the same family since the 70s. Food is pricey for what you get though.

          Heard rumors of Asian fusian place in JLSquare but I can't remember the name (maybe Great Wall? Something Wall?) also of Asian Fusian place Firuenzu in Emeryville. I haven't tried either of them.

          In Old Oakland: Good poached egg and prosciutto breakfasts at Cafe 817 on Washington and 9th.

          Also in Old Oakland, try Pacific Coast Brewery for local brewed beer and bar food.

          Many many fabulous asian restaurants in Chinatown area: Binh Minh Quan (vietnamese), Le Cheval (vietnamese), Shanghai Restaurant next to Le Cheval, Shandong on 11th and Webster for dumplings, Spices! 3 on 12th or 13th btween Harrison and Webster for Szechuan, and more.

          Top off your meal with fresh, housemade seasame, coconut, or avocado ice cream, or many fruit ice or tapioca drinks at The Sweet Booth in the Asian Cultural Center.

          Don't forget to try out stuff in Alameda like Pappo or Otaez, or M=food East Oakland like Air Express Thai, La Huarache Azteca, La Cenaduria de Ana Rosa/El Centenario.

          Do some Chowhound searches and you'll find more on the above. Oakland, gotta love it.

          1. Give Zazoo's a try.


            I've only tried the Afgani side of the menu, but they are more straight-foward American with a few Afgani dishes ... and as mentioned great view. If you go and try it please report back. I have been meaning to try the brunch some sunny day but it hasn't worked out yet.

            Whatever you do, avoid Oyster Reef.


            It is great to have someone living near that area. Hope you will report back on places you try. The same places get mentioned over and over, but I'm thinking that there are some unvisited gems in the area.

            I haven't followed up but there was a sign about a soul food restaurant (not Nellie's) nearer to the square.

            There is also a farmers market at JLS on Sunday Morning. There is a larger farmers market off of Broadway on Friday and the Grand Lake farmers market on Saturday near the Lake.

            I know you didn't ask about farmers markets but it might be useful since you are new to the area.