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Jul 3, 2006 05:03 PM

Is Becco good?

I'm going into the city to visit me a friend. He's taking me to Becco, and I need some recommendations for what to order.

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  1. Becco is delicious. I've been there about once a year for the last 10 years and it has not failed me once. The way to go at becco is to get the antipasto to start - this is not your ordinary olives/roasted pepper/salami/provelone/lame antipasto - this is carefully prepared fresh vegetables, bean salad, seafood dishes. In other words, this is high class antipasto. Then get the 3 pastas. Yes, this is all you can eat pasta but just like the antipasto - this is high class all you can eat pasta. One pasta will be a filled pasta and if you are a lucky bastard you will get the mushroom ravioli. Another pasta will be a risotto or orso, and the last will be an actual spaghetti. So good it hurts. You could order a la carte but why? Antipasto + pastas are so consistently fantastic. For dessert they do this great tall glass of hazelnut gelato - they pour a shot of espresso over it and add some whipped cream and cookie crumbs. I hope, for your sake, that they still have this on the menu. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY. Great wines, great food, tremendous restaurant. I'm jealous.

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      wow thanks! I'm so excited now!

    2. Becco is incredible - every time we've been there we always walk away happy and satisfied. the service is outstanding, the prices are relatively cheap (considering the quality of food and service) and the desserts are amazing. i've gotten the 3 pastas a few times and they're always outstanding (and come with a free antipasta or a caesar salad - the salad is great, but i really recommend the antipasta) i also strongly recommend doing the Grappa tasting - its 4 different grappas with fruit for like 15 dollars. the 25 dollar wine list is great too - it just proves they're out to provide you with a fine meal, not just get your money. definatly a place to go often

      1. Is Becco good? Yes.
        Is Becco incredible? No, not really.

        It is a safe bet, though, and reasonable. Agreed about the anitpasto; it's a good starter.

        Two tips:
        1. if one person gets the caesar salad and the other gets antipasto, you'll get a full portion of both.
        2. if a pasta comes around with, say, shrimp and you don't like shrimp, just tell them. they'll bring some without the unwanted ingredient. (probably wouldn't work if you said "I don't like olive oil," though)

        hope you have a nice time!

        1. Agree with jake. For the's "good"...
          also, watch out for oversalting!!!
          i'll bet you get something like pumpkin ravioli with sage..seeing it's Fall.
          And ask to sit in the Atrium room.

          1. I've been going there for ten years too. One of the few italian places I still go back.