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Jul 3, 2006 04:47 PM

ISO green walnuts and less expensive sour cherries

I need some solid leads for these two items, names and locations would be much appreciated. City of Glendale is a little vague. ;-)

I see green almonds at our Persian markets around town (e.g. Santa Monica Glatt Kosher is selling them right now- 11540 Santa Monica Blvd, WLA), but I've had no luck finding green walnuts.

At the Santa Monica FM, Circle C's sour cherries are quite expensive. I'm trying to save a trip up to Leona Valley and would be thrilled to find something local.

TIA hounds

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  1. In my experience, green walnuts are not usually sold in the markets. They aren't used in the same way as the green almonds are.

    I've had best success with finding a friend in the San Fernando valley with a walnut tree or begging one of the farmers in the market who sells walnuts to bring some in for me.

    That said, if you are looking for green ones, you may be too late for this year. I think they are forming shells by now.

    No thoughts on the sour cherries [except try hitting circle c at the very end of the market and see if you can get a discount if you buy a lot.].

    Good Luck.

    1. As far as I know, Circle C is the only sour cherry producer at the market. They are also hard to pick and very fragile so they price them high and sell out at that price.

      They have sold out for the season and despite my promises of grand rewards if they found a few more pounds for me that had nothing. I know that at least one producer in Leona valley claims to have them but I don't think they come to the market. Rumor has it that they show up at Persian markets but I've never had firm lead.

      1. Found 'em!!! Sour cherries that is...just delivered to the following markets today. There will be cherry pie on the 4th of July!

        Tochal (cheapest, $4.99/lb)
        1418 Westwood Blvd. LA

        Jordan (5.00/lb)
        1449 Westwood Blvd, LA

        Star Market (4.49/lb, IIRC)
        12146 Santa Monica Blvd, LA

        Tehran Market (5.00/lb, IIRC)
        1417 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica

        Dang, I was hoping I wouldn't be too late on the walnuts. Maybe a nice farmer could help me out-good idea. Also might give some Armenian markets a look after the 4th. Any favorite shops with a good selection of produce?

        1. If you can't find the green walnuts, you might try They map fruit trees around LA.

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            Cheers for that link Junie. Awesome.

            Enjoyed reading your nocino thread on the spirits board.

          2. The original comment has been removed