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Jul 3, 2006 04:32 PM

I-85/77 Road trip: ATL to Charlottesville VA and beyond


Next week I will be driving from Atlanta to Connecticut via 85 to 77 to the Blue Ridge Parkway, to 64 and then 95. Also will be returning a week later down 95 through Richmond VA to Wilmington NC and back to Atlanta. Any suggestions for chow-worthy food along the way? Any help is most appreciated!

I will also search the regional boards, and I have looked at Road Food and Holly Eats, but wanted to see if fellow chowhounds had any current suggestions.


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  1. not from the area, but i did visit charlottesville recently and got a suggestion to visit "Ciboulette", which is a french market/restuarant in a little market building near downtown. some interenet research will find it relatively quickly. i found the staff to not be very helpful and a bit rude...i've only been there once so i dont know if this is the norm...i just helped myself more or less. they have some french farmhouse cheeses that you never see anywhere... complete with mold and everything :) if you can dig it...a lot of the cheeses have descrpitions next to them so you can figure it out for yourself. anyway, i made some great selections that were really lovely. they have some other interesting stuff as well. bread, cured meats. accross the way there's another market that has more nice organic/gourmet meats and cheeses and other prepared foods. also a nice place. they carry the "salumi" line of cured meats (from seattle - has something to do with battali - his dad owns it? google it) - anyway, they;re tasty. so what i'm getting around to here is that i think you should stop by the market....get yourself some nice cheeses and cured meats and whatever else suits your fancy...and maybe head out to a vineyard or 2 in charlottesville thats a bit scenic and has a picnic area (jefferson vineyards, barboursville for example), have a picnic, taste some wines and get gone. charlottesville is a beutiful area....enjoy your drive, sounds great...

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      Thanks for the suggestion, that sounds great. We are actually stopping by Monticello in Charlottesville because I have always wanted to see the vegetable gardens there and check out their heirloom seed supply. Love the idea of a picnic with some moldy french cheese! Thanks again.

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        I also urge you to check out Feast! in the same "Main Street Market" building as Ciboulette. The folks are incredible (unlike Ciboulette which has a reputation for being unhelpful) and it's been named one of the top cheese shops in the country. Main Street Markets also includes a bakery, a fishmonger, a coffee shop, and a chocolate shop.

        Also - Bellair Market, in an Exxon station - has excellent sandwiches to take a long on a picnic.

    2. jefferson vineyards is mostly on the way to monticello --- stop for a picnic! there's tables to chill on out there...scenery not bad... the wines are nothing special, but what the hell.....