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Pizza Pied

Have any of you adventurous Eastenders tried this place yet? Its at Pape & Gerrard. I thought it was just another Pizza Pizza wannabe, but apparently they make Turkish pizzas,which sounds interesting. I'll have to try it soon. Any opinions on it?

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  1. It's Pizza Pide (pee-day) and it's incredible. The very friendly owner has only basic english but he has a photo menu board and a new website:


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      what did you order here? i live in this area and everytime i pass by this place it's packed!

    2. There was a bit on CBC's metro morning on the place - I can't wait to try it - we live just down the street!


      1. Yes, the Turkish pizza is very tasty. For a first timer, I would recommend the sampler Pizza that includes 5 different types of pizza. It's one pie that's divided into 5 separate sections for the ingredients, not 5 ingredients mixed together. The sampler includes minced beef, pastrami, roasted lamb, chicken, and a turkish sausage sections. Each pie is accomponied with onion, parsley, and lemon as garnishes. Not sure if they're ment to be eaten, but I add a bit of each garnish to the pie as i'm eating....mmm....


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            The Turkish pies range from 6.99 to 9.99 (assorted). A total steal.

        1. Definitely, give them a try - Pizza Pide serves excellent turkish pizza. And yes, the sampler is the best way to start. I think the sampler runs around 9-10 dollars. The service is excellent and everything is made from fresh ingredients while you wait.

          I've heard the pizza pide with egg is great but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I'll order next time!

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            Yes somewhere around $10 and more than enough for one person - we ordered two at lunch for two people and had about half a pie left to take home.

          2. Best pizza in the city, so long as you get the Turkish stuff.

            1. Yes, the Turkish stuff is very good. The "regular" pizzas are awful.

              1. I wouldn't say the reg. pizzas are awful, but I guess that depends what you are comparing them to. It's about what I would expect from an average pizza place.

                1. I've always wanted to try as well but the limited seating has deterred me away. Do they do take out?

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                    They do take out. They don't deliver. Their website has very good descriptions of the food (with pictures), but don't bother to order by phone. They'll "take" your order, but you will typically need to order again, and wait, when you get there.

                  2. Anyone know if they deliver at all? I've been thinking about trying this place for awhile.

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                      Hey - went last night - spectacular! I had the "try everything" Turkish pizza, which my kids also ate. Dinner was one pizza, three cans of pop and 4 baklava for $15. You cannot beat that. I tipped mightily! (Well, I left a $20 for a $15 bill.)

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                        Gotta love Pizza Pide... I have a regular craving for the #10 (Kavurma Kasarli according to the menu), has yet to disappoint. Their baklava is quite good too.

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                          Thanks for the tip! Went there last night - had 11 (feta/spinach) and 18 (sampler) and both were just great. The turkish sausage is very good. No need to worry about calling in advance - everything was ready in about 10 mins, off to go eat the leftovers...

                    2. Went there today. I had the Lahmacun and I loved it. It reminded me of my vacation in Turkey. I was full half way through but I could stop eating. :-) It went great with the yogurt drink.

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                        really? i really wanted to like this place because of my great vacation in turkey last summer where pide was my all time favourite snack, but i didn't think their food is that great. i though they are too heavy on the mozzarella cheese ( i never saw pide with mozzarella in turkey but maybe that's because of my selection not because it wasn't available), to the effect where the feta flavour was negligable. i was assuming only feta, so imagine my disappointment. i would recommend it as a local take-out option, but i went across town for it (driven by my nostalgia for istanbul)!

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                          It's worth the drive to Kitchener!

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                            Kasia, the pizza I ordered did not have cheese. Neither did the one I had in Turkey.

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                              yes, luhmacun is tasty, but because i have it at home fairly often from labanese bakeries, i didn't really want it. not sure if it technically is a pide - from my recollection, pide and lahmacun were listed separately on menus in turkey, with the former having more variety of topics, and some kind of cheese (feta types). usually, both would be available at the same place. i will try their lahmacun though next time i'm in the hood.

                        2. Be careful with take-out. They are stingy on pizza boxes and put all 4 of our orders into ONE BOX! Ridiculous - it was difficult to sort out whose was whose, and to figure out where one ended and another began since the slices were layered (with no wax paper in between, so everything ended up soggy and cross-contaminated.) They had previously done this one-box trick with 2 orders which seemed environmentally responsible. 4 pides in one box is just plain stupid. Plus the entire mess is wrapped up in wax paper so it traps the steam even more.

                          #12 turkish sausage and egg pide was decent (though too soft and a bit too salty), but the one at Donair & Kebab House in Kitchener is MUCH BETTER!

                          1. I love their pide! The smell of the pide fresh out of the oven with a squeeze of lemon was divine! It can definitely feed 2. When I ordered one for myself I didn't realize the size. I have tried the egg on the pide but I prefer with out the egg. They never have pastrami each time I go there but I still love them.