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Jul 3, 2006 04:11 PM

Pizza Pied

Have any of you adventurous Eastenders tried this place yet? Its at Pape & Gerrard. I thought it was just another Pizza Pizza wannabe, but apparently they make Turkish pizzas,which sounds interesting. I'll have to try it soon. Any opinions on it?

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  1. It's Pizza Pide (pee-day) and it's incredible. The very friendly owner has only basic english but he has a photo menu board and a new website:

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      what did you order here? i live in this area and everytime i pass by this place it's packed!

    2. There was a bit on CBC's metro morning on the place - I can't wait to try it - we live just down the street!

      1. Yes, the Turkish pizza is very tasty. For a first timer, I would recommend the sampler Pizza that includes 5 different types of pizza. It's one pie that's divided into 5 separate sections for the ingredients, not 5 ingredients mixed together. The sampler includes minced beef, pastrami, roasted lamb, chicken, and a turkish sausage sections. Each pie is accomponied with onion, parsley, and lemon as garnishes. Not sure if they're ment to be eaten, but I add a bit of each garnish to the pie as i'm eating....mmm....


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            The Turkish pies range from 6.99 to 9.99 (assorted). A total steal.

        1. Definitely, give them a try - Pizza Pide serves excellent turkish pizza. And yes, the sampler is the best way to start. I think the sampler runs around 9-10 dollars. The service is excellent and everything is made from fresh ingredients while you wait.

          I've heard the pizza pide with egg is great but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I'll order next time!

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            Yes somewhere around $10 and more than enough for one person - we ordered two at lunch for two people and had about half a pie left to take home.

          2. Best pizza in the city, so long as you get the Turkish stuff.