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Jul 3, 2006 03:36 PM

Sushi suggestions- for the non-sushi lover

My friends and I are going out for sushi tonight- however, one friend is not a big fan of sushi. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that has great sushi for the rest of us, but also a menu that my friend can choose from that offers other dishes? We love BYOB so that would be an added plus. We would be interested in going to any places around Wicker Park, Bucktown, Lincoln Park, Ukranian Village, etc.

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  1. Matsuya on Clark street in Wrigleyville is very good but it's not a byob...not to worry, thier prices are dirt cheap.

    Nohana on Broadway at Barry in Lincoln Park is very good as well. The steamed/cooked teriyaki sea bass is pretty amazing. Both of these restaurants have many options for the non-sushi lovers...tempura, teriyaki, and many delicious hearty soups.

    1. How about Lincoln Square? Tank, on Lincoln near the Old Town School of Folk Music, offers a good selection of Japanese fusion dishes as well as good-quality sushi.

      Ooops! Just noticed your post was for yesterday - oh well - for future reference, then.

      1. Haven;t tried it (not a sushi fan) but heard raves about Kaze Sushi in Roscoe Village. I guess the chef is known for and focus on his sauces.