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Jul 3, 2006 03:28 PM

Nice Lunch Today -- 7/3/06 -- Westchester????

My husband and I have a rare day together, and thought we might go someplace special, but -- surprise surprise -- many of the places we looked into are closed Mondays in general, or this Monday in particular.

Our fantasy was Blue Hill at Stone Barns (closed), and we considered Zephs' and Xaviar's (closed) and we just don't want to wander back to some same-old same-old place we've been to before. (Harvest on Hudson being our traditional and unreliably satisfactory fallback.) It doesn't HAVE to be fancy, though celebratory would be nice, but our bottom line is good food, with a nice setting a nice bonus.

We don't get out much any more...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't believe that Zeph's is ever open for lunch (ditto for Xaviars). Did you try Freelance Cafe or Restaurant X?

      Kittle House is open for lunch.

      1. Thank you to those who posted responses. Restaurant X was actually what we tried, non Xaviar's but it was closed too. We will try Jackson & Wheeler another time.

        We ended up going to our local fallback, Harvest on Hudson, and had an excellent meal. Sometimes we've found the food disappointing, and we weren't all that inspired by the lunch menu at first, but you can't beat the riverfront setting, and we chose well. The three appetizers (roasted oysters, lamb spring rolls and calamari salad) were delicious, and the fig/prosciutto pizza rustica was excellent as well.

        As uneven as the food can be, it's just good enough enough times to keep us coming back.

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          Had tried Harvest 3 times with the hope that it would be great. Have been disappointed 3 times and cannot bring myself to try a 4th time. The view is wonderful and will go for drinks but avoid dinner.

        2. Sounds like there is demand for a seasonal ingredients based higher end restaurant in addition to the special treat of Blue Hill!

          Have you tried Plates in Larchmont? It is inventive and delicious with a seasonal menu and a lot of fun too. Very intimate and casual while still decidedly grown up ambience.

          Check it out. I wrote a bit on it that could give you a better sense: