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Jul 3, 2006 03:28 PM

Help! Good coffee needed, downtown Vancouver!

Can one of the hounds point me to where in the downtown vicinity (near Robson and Burrard, or anywhere in the central city for that matter) we can get really good, or even really decent coffee? We've been here for three days now, and haven't had a good cup of coffee yet. The closest was the cappucino I had at West last night, which was pretty good, but obviously I can't go there for my morning caffeine...

Even Starbucks isn't that close to here, and I'd hate to think it was the best Vancouver has to offer. Your suggestions and alternatives would be most appreciated!

Bonus points for spots nearby where we can also get pastries or a light breakfast...

(Today we tried the 'Italian' coffee bar in the Hyatt. Let me just say no: McDonalds next door has better coffee.)

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Cafe Artigiano! Excellent cofee and pastries- several locations-

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    1. re: julies1949

      Perfect! Bless you both for the quick reply....will be heading there very soon!

    2. Cafe Artigiano for sure. Just around the corner if you're at Robson and Burrard -- on Hornby between Robson and Georgia (across from the Vancouver Art Gallery)

      1. I third Cafe Artigiano.

        1. I'd also recommend "Lupo" on Georgia and Burrard and "Take 5" which is in the Pacific Centre Mall in the Atrium, street level entrance off Georgia @ Granville.

          1. The original poster exactly described the coffee quandry of this San Francisco hound, down to the excellent expresso imbibed the same night at West. Cafe Artigiano, two blocks from my hotel, performed as promised and provided some freshly-ground coffee to replace the morning plonk dispensed by my hotel for use in their drip machine.

            Thanks Chowhounds for all your help in Vancouver with not just coffee but info directing me to Rare, West, Jij's and Tojo's!

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            1. re: Phil Coffino

              Indeed, THANKS HOUNDS,for this Cafe Artigiano rec. In addition to the excellent coffee and cappucinos, we've tried the following pastries so far: chocolate croissants (good), and blueberry bars (absolutely outstanding!) Will be back tomorrow to try some more.. :-)

              also, they have some delicious looking sandwiches which would be a good choice to take on a picnic or a day of seeing the sights. The salmon bagel also looked wonderful.