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Jul 3, 2006 03:24 PM

Fresh MANGOSTEENS - Mulberry and Canal

At long last! They were there yesterday, gorgeous eggplant-like orbs laid out next to the lychees and the mangoes. Had to open one up on the spot- flavor is indescribeable- like orange cream soda, maybe, with a texture like a ripe plum, but sectioned like a tangerine. $9/ pound, and I bought two pounds to savor at my leisure.

Told it was a one-day special, but I wouldn't blame you for checking it out today. Good luck!

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  1. awesome...i usually go to the stand at Grand/Bowery for my durians and dragon's eyes...but i'll check out the mangosteens at Mulberry...(now, if they start selling peeled jackfruit too, i'll be really happy)...

    1. Thanks for the tip! I LOVE mangosteens! I went by today, but sadly the vendor at the SE corner was all sold out. She told me she sold a lot of mangosteens yesterday and expects to have more this coming weekend. I had to settle for lychees. They were pretty good though.

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        Yup, that's the one. Southeast corner. Consistently my favorite fruit vendor in Chinatown.

        Have you had mangosteen on vacation? If you procure any, let me know how they compare. Apparently they're best (read: juiciest) before they turn that gorgeous purple or purple-black color and are still slightly red. And these were definitely purple.

        As a side note, mangosteens were also spotted almost exactly a year ago on Grand and the Bowery. Hope they're there this weekend too! Any idea where these are coming from? Hawaii? Southeast Asia? Caribbean? Odd to find them in the summer, since I believe the season is in the Fall in SE asia.

        Last year's discovery:

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          hehee, i went there today too, also w/ no luck...but i consoled myself by going the to Grand/Bowery stand and buying a nice durian...and, the woman there told me that they may have jackfruit within a month or so (but that it's grown in Florida)...

        2. recently back from singapore. stinky durian and heavenly mangosteens: mighty fine.

          1. Thanks so much for this report. I was prepared to run out during lunch to buy some (and I don't work near chinatown). Please post again when she has more which sounds like it won't be until this weekend.

            1. How many mangosteens comprised the two pounds?

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              1. re: Pan

                That would depend on ths sizes of the mangosteens.

                1. re: RCC

                  Of course, but I was asking Spoony Bard whether s/he remembered how many mangosteens comprised the two pounds s/he bought. You're right that a description of the fruits as big or small would help, but since Spoony had never had a mangosteen before, s/he probably wouldn't know which specimens were relatively large or small.

                  My feeling is that mangosteens are excellent, but that if they cost, say, $3 apiece, I'll wait until the next time I'm in Malaysia and have them there - even if that's not for years.