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Jul 3, 2006 03:06 PM

Chilly Cow - welcome!

I recently ventured into the Chilly Cow in Arlington, and am thrilled with the new addition to the neighborhood. The ice cream is good, the portions are big, and the prices are great. It's a nice change from JP Licks (which IMO is very overhyped and way too expensive.)

And their custard was great. I'd never had it before, but now I can't wait for more flavors to appear...

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  1. Glad to hear of others discovering it -- we're regulars now -- mostly for the custard and the friendly service! I totally agree about JP Licks and also think Lizzie's belongs in that category (at least the one on Church St in Harvard Sq -- as if another addition to the ice cream options was necessary there!)

    1. I live in Arlington and the Chilly Cow is a great place. I'm a big fan of their coffee oreo ice cream. For the brave hounds, the Chilly Cow offers this big huge monster of an ice cream sundae -- I forget what it's called, but they put up pictures of the groups of people who attempt to finish it!

      1. I'm ready to go back and try the frozen custard thanks to the handful of raves on the board and the high convenience factor for me. However, my one visit to date featured icy coffee oreo ice cream that did not taste homemade topped with way-too-sweet hot fudge that tasted like it came from a can.


        1. I went there last week b/f the Capitol Theatre and had some Coffee Heath Bar Crunch yogurt. The yogurt was pretty good - not great, but had decent sized pieces of candy, but I thought the price was a bit steep - $3.95 for a medium which may have been the second smallest size out of four (not sure on this). I was happy to find the place and was served right away and with a smile, although when I went to the Capitol Theatre I learned that they have frozen yogurt, too, strawberry that night and maybe others. I wished I had gone straight to the theatre and will probably try that next time to compare. All and all a nice addition to Arlington.

          1. I like the frozen custard. Kind of somewhere between soft serve and gelato. Wish there were more flavors, though, and I still prefer traditional hard packed ice cream.