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Repairing a KitchenAid Mixer?

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Our church has 2 Kitchenaid mixers (maybe 40 years old?) that need
repair (suggestions in the San Francisco Bay area?). They seem to
be used 2 days a year but heavily. The ladies think that they may
be too old to repair and would like to replace them with a similar heavy duty type machine. Any suggestions for me?



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  1. I live in Manhattan, so I wouldn't know where to get them repaired in the Bay area. But I do have a suggestion. If the machines are maybe 40 years old, try your damnedest to get them repaired. They're probably the original Hobart's and you won't be able to replace them with anything even half as good, unless you go with a very high end, very high capacity, very expensive, professional machine.

    1. I'd also get them repaired if at all possible. Contact Kitchenaid and see how to get it to them or a certified repairman. A good Hobart will last forever.

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      1. I would just take a look in the yellow pages under appliances, check for someone who repairs kitchenaid or hobart, and give them a call. I bet you won't have any trouble. People tend to hold on to those old kitchenaids.

        and, if they decide to buy new ones i might be interested in buying the one of the old ones!


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          We had the mixer repaired but decided to go with new ones - are you interested in the mixer?

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            I'm definitely interested! What model do you guys have?

        2. Thanks for the information - I'll check around and see what I can find. I wanted to get the machines repaired but the others thought they were too old - I saw one of them and the beater isn't covered with the teflon - so I know its over 20 years old.

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            I am looking for the three beaters that fit a Hobart KitchenAid mixer, Model 4C. It was made from 1961-1977. Can you help me?

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              had any luck locating the beaters for the 4c ? We're looking for a replacement wire beater, thanks! Jone

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                Did you find anything? I've got a 4C too.


            2. There used to be a place on Mission between Montgomery and the next street up... away from the bus station.

              They were an authorized Kitchen-Aid repair center.

              Not sure if it's survived all the renovations downtown, been years since I've been to SF on a regular basis.

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                As of last year, I heard that was still there. The people at Macy's have a book with warranty centers; go to the basement and ask.

              2. They survived, but moved to Folsom. street, not prison ;-)

                Link http://www.thegourmetdepotco.com/stor...

                1. I had my 27 year old Hobart mixer repaired a couple of years ago at a place in Oakland which no longer seems to be there. I also got a new paddle mixing thing because my old one was plastic coated and was peeling. I remember being surprised how cheap the paddle was. (not so the repair--about $70.) I'd go for the repair, rather than getting new ones, particularly if you have accessories.

                  Kitchen Aid Authorized service:

                  Appliance Sales & Service Co.
                  840 Folsom Street
                  San Francisco, CA 94107
                  Phone: 415-777-5144
                  Fax: 415-495-5141

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                    I am looking for the three beaters that fit a Hobart KitchenAid mixer, Model 4C. This model was made 1961 - 1977. Can you help me, or suggestions on where to look? I have looked at ebay.
                    Thanks, Bobbie

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                      Did you find the beaters? I could use some help finding some too.

                  2. Thanks for the repair information. It wasn't in our phone book
                    so its a big help. I'll take the mixers in and see what they have to say.

                    Contacting one of the stores for repair information was a thought - glad it is possible to do.


                    1. If you go to the KitchenAid website, the board moderators are really a great resource. Also, great to call KitchenAid. They've never let me down.

                      1. I have my own vintage kitchenaid mixer repair "drama" that had a happy ending. My beloved avacado green 1960's era Kitchen Aid 4C (or is it 3C?) gave up the ghost awhile back. I was heartbroken! This mixer has an art deco look to it unlike any other Kitchenaid I have ever seen before. (My husband asked me if I wanted a new Kitchenaid but I said no way!) We could not find anywhere local to repair or service it due to the age of the appliance. After searching the web endlessly, I finally sent it to Atomic Era Machine and they got it running better than ever. I was overjoyed; the mixer is a cherished heirloom. Now it works better than it did before, and it also has a new three-prong cord, for safety. The website is:

                        1. We had a kitchenaid mixer that the motor armature burned out. I priced a new armature and was going to replace it myself, hence no labor, but it was almost as expensive as a new mixer. This mixer was probably 30 years old and had a smaller motor than the subsequent models. We replaced it with a more powerful Kitchenaid and have had no problems. Check the repair out but I think you might be better off getting a newer more powerful unit, believe me they are just as well built today as they were decades ago, unlike most products. Good luck