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Jul 3, 2006 02:48 PM

Arlington - Asian & Mexican markets & eats

I'll be in east Arlington for a few days, near I-20 and 360. I'll have access to a kitchen and expect to cook in at least half the time. I'd appreciate recommendations on Asian and Mexican markets--particularly interested in a good source for fresh lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil, etc., and also seafood, pork belly, chicken feet, and such. Also interested in inexpensive restaurants for noodles, pho, Vietnamese sandwiches, tacos, tamales, etc. I will have wheels. Many thanks.


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  1. I know of 2 Asian shopping centers in Arlington. The first, all Vietnamese, is at Pioneer Pkwy & New York Ave. The second, primarily Vietnamese with some other ethnicities, is at Collins & Arkansas Ln. Both are anchored by one big supermarket with various restaurants/shops scattered. The one at Collins & Arkansas Ln is home to Viet Tofu (serves fresh home made tofu daily along with tofu specialties) and First Chinese BBQ (arguably the best authentic Chinese chain in the DFW area). Lots of inexpensive pho restaurants in both shopping centers.

    Not as familiar with Mexican markets but there seems to be a concentration of them around UTA (Cooper St & Division St, especially). There's a La Michoacana Meat Market (also taqueria inside) nears Abrams & New York, a chain I frequent for pre-seasoned fajita meat and cheap limes.

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      The one at Pioneer Parkway and New York is Hong Kong Market Place (, a great Asian grocer.

    2. Just got home from Arlington. Those two big grocery stores were fun. Really enjoyed First Chinese BBQ. One order each of pork and duck BBQ, gai lan with oyster sauce, and steamed rice was more than two big eaters could eat. Lots of other stuff on the menu I want to try in the future. Many thanks for the tips.