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Jul 3, 2006 02:29 PM

One night at DFW airport

I've got an overnight at DFW airport on July 19. Never been to Texas, love food, and want to know where I should go. A friend recommended Avila's for Tex-Mex, and it sounds good, but a distance from where I'm staying. Is it worth getting there? (Looks like I can take the TRE to Medical/Market and walk or cab a mile.) Or can someone recommend someplace closer to the airport? Thanks for helping me out. The Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex food here in Boston is, understand.

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  1. Shep, tough call. In general, the airport area is not a food mecca and to locals making an effort to reach Tex-Mex wouldn't be worth a big effort, since it is so plentiful and typically of about the same quality. There are Tex/Mex/SW choices on the Ama Lur menu. This is nearby the airport in the Gaylord resort and is easy to get to. The Gaylord would at least give you a chance to stretch your legs since it is such a big enclosed environment and there are sports bars as well as other restaurants there.
    You can probably check the Ama Lur menu on line via the Gaylord Texan website to see if it will give you the fix you desire.

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      The Gaylord Texan is a bit over the top, but its is close to the airport and definitely worth spending your evening there...plenty of shops and a mock Canyon..everyone needs to go once...

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      1. Thanks. I appreciate it, guys.
        -Shep H.

        1. You can go into grapevine, just off main street in downtown on worth street to esparza's, I believe you would enjoy it. also Mi Cocina is good and located in southlake, other locations around. it would take about 20 minutes tops to get to downtown grapevine (unless you are at peak traffic times). gaylord is quite a site, worth a trip but i have not eaten their mexican food, just their steak house (which was great steak). good luck

          1. Strong recommendation for Esparza's in Grapevine. Iy is just a funky neighborhood place that does good margaritas too. Can't tell if its the margaritas or if the floor is uneven - could be both!

            Nothing fancy, but I do like the sour cream chicken Enchiladas