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Jul 3, 2006 02:13 PM

Las ramblas

Unfortunately I had just finished a sashimi/sushi omakase at Lure (pretty good although the head sushi chef (formerly of Jewel Bako)was not there and they were out of toro-will have to try again) when I wandered into Las Ramblas for my usual post-sushi snack. Had a great dry jerez with a very interesting tapa-duck sausage/pearl onion/pimiento/quail egg skewers. Also some little bocadillos of ham, mahon queso and peppers which had been egg dipped and fried. They get their supplies from Despana and will be reviewed in the Times' $25 and under section this week. There is definitely a new tapas player in town! The chef is Basque from Barcelona. Nice atmosphere but tiny!

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    1. we just went the other day, it was very very good. i had a bacalao dish i am still thinking about. also a great house ribera, i mean when do you even recall the house wines, eh?

      too bad it's located on that overrun strip of west 4th tho.

      1. hi...*which* chef formerly from Jewel Bako?