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Jul 3, 2006 02:09 PM

new homestyle latin brunch in cambridge

Not announced to be open, yet open the last three weeks, there is a Sundays only latin brunch on Putnam Ave near Green Street at what is now a branch of Petsi's pies and used to be Cremaldi's. It is run by Soledad Verdugo, who is from Chile but the dishes are from all over Latin america. It is homestyle latin cooking with a four dish menu weekly. Simple sides like the fruit salad with mint or the house salad with palm heart dressing are good stuff, and the Bistec a la pobre is a great main dish. The whole thing is not gourmet style, it is more like tasty home cooking. they are open from 10 to 3 only.

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  1. We went yesterday and really loved it. The vibe there is super nice and the food is great. I had the huevos venezuelanos (I think that's what they call them)--poached eggs with arepas (I asked for no Hollandaise sause), along with beans and rice. The other three people I was with got fruit salad with their meals so the woman running the place gave me a fruit salad too just so I wouldn't feel hungry and left out while they ate theirs. I don't know if they'll always do that! But I agree the fruit salad was both simple and delicious. I also liked the arepas--grilled flat corn cakes. Worth getting as sides if your dish doesn't come with them.

    We live near this Petsi Pies and already like it in its normal guise, so this was a great bonus. In an area full of perfectly nice but expensive and not stand-out brunches (Harvard Square real estate prices make them unlikely it seems), this is a great addition to the neighborhood. It really does feel like home in there.

    1. is this where cremaldis used to be (near the futon district?)

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        1. Speaking of latin brunch, when I drove past Tu Y Yo today, I saw a sign that said they are serving breakfast and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Has anyone been? Thoughts? It is one of my favorite places to eat, but wondered if there is any feedback on the brunch. If not, perhaps I'll "take one for the team" and check it out. Poor me.

          1. thanks for this tip. we went last sunday and had a really good time, in spite of some homey service blips. very sweet people, relaxed pace, pretty tasty dishes--the perfect way to spend a lazy sunday morning. NB: we went maybe at 12:30 or 1 and they were starting to run out of stuff. get there towards the beginning if you want the full menu. let's see:

            good, earthy iced coffee.

            banana-pineapple pancakes seemed to have yellow cornmeal in the batter and were topped with dulce de leche. takes you about sixty percent of the way to type two diabetes, but it's a delicious trip.

            cheese/refritos pupusas came with potatoes and well-seasoned, quaintly un-PC-titled moros y cristianos (black beans n' rice). starchy starchy. this was also supposed to come with encurtido and fried plantains, but both didn't quite make it onto the plate. after some inquiries, someone i assume was soledad surfaced and said she wasn't serving the plantains today because they'd turned out to be flavorless and nicely offered to substitute another fruit salad. we skipped it, but gladly accepted the missing encurtido and a spicy salsa verde, which were needed moisteners on the pupusas.

            anyway, i'd go back.