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Jul 3, 2006 12:52 PM

Tamarind Thai = Great Miami Thai

This is the best asian restaurant that I've tried in South Florida. It is not the best Thai that I've had, but by far the most authentic asian I've tried in Miami. I've tried about a dozen of their dishes and really like the currys and pad thai. It reminds me of food that I ate in Bangcock and some of the better places in Los Angeles' Thai Town. Also, it is a consistent experience. The food is clean and well prepared using quality ingredients. Since it is centrally located, there is no excuse for those in SOBE or NOBE to not give it a try.

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  1. I agree. Haven't been to Bangkok, but it reminds my of places in L.A. (actually, better decor). Very mellow atmosphere considering the raucous at the Argentine place across the street.

    1. i found the food here overrated.It is at best a good neighborhood restaurant,not a destination restaurant.No need to drive up to 71st st from south beach where other thai restaurants abound.Had the sum tom(sp)(the spicy green papaya salad) and was suprised to find dried whole chilies used instead of fresh phrik kee noo and their roast duck in tamarind sauce i found a little overdone .I ate there after their review in new times and was so disappointed i never returned.Been to thailand 3 times and there is no comparison IMHO.

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        I like Thai and am new to the area. Can you suggest some others that I should try? I've been VERY dissapointed in all the asian that I have tried and welcome a new option.

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          i dont know where you live,but 20 minutes from north beach in each direction are thai house 2 off of 163rd and biscayne boulevard in a 5 store strip mall that also sells sushi where i used to eat for 10 years while i lived in north miami,and thai house south beach 11th and washington ave in south beach that is forbidden to sell sushi according to their lease as is my understanding.Good solid thai food(not great) but not the insane prices which some chinese restaurants like to charge(like the one that moved into the old thai tony's .In 26 years down here i have not found any reasonable priced chinese food that compares to chinatown in philly which i am familiar with,so i wouldnt even try to find good chinese food here.I think any good thai restaurant should be able to produce a good pad thai and tom kai gai soup ,so i usually use these dishes as the "miner's canary " to see if a thai restaurant is good.I feel there are many good thai restaurants around.Now if i could only find a great indian restaurant which in 26 years here i havent found either i would be very happy.Hope this helps you.

      2. Try Ginger Grove at the Mayfair in Coconut Grove. More like fu-fu Asian, but very good. For Japanese try Yakko-san on West Dixie north of 163rd St.

        1. 2 more minutes due west of Tamarind (which I found to be "just OK" ) is Siam Bay Shore Thai
          1524 79th Street Causeway - across from the Crab House. That is our weekly go-to spot.