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Jul 3, 2006 11:40 AM

Any suggestions in Lido or should we go to Venice

We will be staying in Lido the middle of August, are there any chowhound places there or are we better off in Venice? Thanks!

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  1. There are plenty. Just try to avoid main street – except for gelato. Just to name a few:
    The most known one is Trattoria Favorita, via Francesco Duodo. Many locals with family.
    Just off the port of the Excelsior is Adriana & Francesco. At noon eat the local workers, at 1 PM the tables get clothes and the overflow from Excelsior appears.
    There is Celeste in Pellestrina: you sit on a deck above the water overlooking the lagoon. But difficult to reach: 10 km + ferry + another 2 km. If you mind walking, you can take a bycicle, the bus, a cab or a watercab (Euro 200).
    The dinner on the Excelsior terrace can be very romantic too.
    And on or around Ferragosto (August 15th, the Italian national holiday) there usually is –if you don ́t mind the $$$ - a not to miss dinner-buffet at Excelsior with great fireworks and some kind of a show.
    Best will be, if you take a car to Lido – so you can find plenty of restaurants only locals find, because very few tourists know about that possibility and just stay in their hotel or on main street.
    Another not much known feature: your concierge can arrange a free visit at a glass factory in Murano. For the price of visiting that factory you get an exciting free ride with a water cab over the lagoon. Back with circolare.

    1. La Favorita is as good as any place in Venice. There is a famous gelateria on the main commercial street Santa Maria Elisabetta (?)and across the street is a great food store that sells delicious bread, etc. We had a very fancy meal at the Excelsior with swirling waiters and many courses. Pretentious and worth every euro. Avoid any place that has menus in English, German and Japanese posted outside.