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Jul 3, 2006 10:41 AM

The Deen Boys

Anyone else looking forward to Paula Deen's sons getting their own show? I always thought they were a great addition to her show, and stopped watching it because I thought her boys were better "TV wise" than she is!

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  1. No, they bore me. Sorry.

    1. If they are named Deen they have to cook nothing but sweets...

      The entire channel bores me.

      1. I love those guys and would watch them cut grass - yesss - sans shirts cutting grass.....

        They are the type of sons any mother in her right mind would feel blessed to have.

        Love those guys!!

        1. they look cheesy...i'm waiting for the culinary detective's show...coming in october...sounds similar...he's going to go around the country finding hole in the walls......he's a cop out here in LA who goes to random restaurants on his beat that are cheap....he writes a small column in one of the neighborhood newspapers....


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            Wow...thanks a ton...we start shooting in Philly in 2 weeks...gonna be some great dives as we have found so many its hard to narrrow them down!

          2. I am amazed that some people have anything bad to say about these two young men. They are hard working, handsome, momma loving guys. They say yes maam, please and thank you. They are bright and witty.....what's not to like? Angela