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Jul 3, 2006 07:48 AM

Vegetarian + Non-Vegetarian

Hello, I'm taking a friend out to a nice restaurant for his grad school graduation. He's vegetarian. I'm definitely not. Can anyone recommend a nice'ish non-stuffy restaurants where we can both enjoy a meal. Some place where he can have either a vegetable tasting menu or where they have more than 1 option for vegetarians on the menu. And if they do have a veggie tasting menu, they wouldn't require me to order it as well. I'm thinking about up to around $200 for the 2 of us, with drinks and tip, though less is obviously fine too. I read some of the other older threads on it, and seen Cafe Boulud and Gramercy Tavern mentioned.. May consider GT, but if anyone has other opinions, I'd love to hear them


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  1. My fiance is a vegetarian and I am not. We never have troubles at 'fancier' restaurants ordering one vegetarian tasting menu and 1 omnivore one - in fact, every restaurant has been extremely accomodating (Daniel, Bouley, Asiate, etc)..just let them know ahead of time during the reservation process that that is what you're expecting and you shouldn't have problems. Most places would have made accomodations for her even if she was vegan (which she's not thank god)

    We just had a birthday dinner at Annisa and it was fantastic. I think it fits in your price range as well. They have a 5 course tasting menu for 68 dollars and a 7 course for 88. We had the 7 course and all her veggie dishes were quite inventive as well. Terrific cheeseplate at the end as well, but I'm not sure if that comes with the 5 course. Nice setting, and not stuffy. Although it's quite cozy and conducive to romance which may not be what you're looking for either...

    1. March is suitable too, although you will need to watch your budget at any of these places. If Indian interests you, Devi is another possibility.

      1. you should check out the vegetarian restaurant pure food and wine (irving place btwn 17th and 18th). it's a beautiful restaurant with a very interesting menu. and the best white sangria! they also have a tasting menu if you want to try that.

        1. But there are no non-vegetarian options at PF&W - indeed everything is raw and vegan. It's good, but not quite what hotpot requested.

          1. tis true, but as a non-vegetarian myself i found it quite delicious! but another option that is a non-vegetarian restaurant that would work is tabla. it's indian-inspired, and in the beautiful 11 madison ave building. eating on the ground level at the bread bar is more relaxed and informal, but still very very nice. you can order all sorts of stuffed breads like cheese kulcha and a variety of chutneys. there is saag paneer pizza, a chickpea masala that is great, and several other vegetarian options. for the non-vegatarian, the pulled lamb naanini is incredibly yummy!