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Jul 3, 2006 07:46 AM

wakasan in westwood

Some friends treated me to an omakase dinner at Wakasan in West Los Angeles on Friday. It emerged a few months ago after its predecessor Mincha's short stint along Westwood Blvd. People have been calling it an izakaya (due to the floor-to-ceiling shelves of sake, no doubt) though I'd consider it katei ryouri (homestyle cooking) since there's a distinct "my mom used to make this at home" flavor, as opposed to "what the heck?! ... I can make this at home!"

For $30, you get 11 dishes starting from vegetable appetizers and ending with a hot cup of chawan mushi--slices of kamaboko, shrimp, chicken, mushroom and greens suspended in a boiled mixuture of dashi and egg. I'd say my favorites of the night were the yakitori and chawan mushi, though I give props to the chef for the pickled persimmon. Very creative.

I took pictures of everything I ate:

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  1. Agreed!

    I love this place. The macaroni salad we had was both homey and exotic at the same time.

    Thanks for the review!